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Difference between php and Java

In PHP, the methods and functions allow
for optional parameters.
In Java, a separate method should be defined for each and every possible list of parameters.
It requires explicit, this will be
used while an object calls its
own methods itself.
Java does not.
The PHP applications are tends
to built from a "run, handle the request, stop
running" kind of way.
Java programs tend to be built from a "program runs, stays running, processes requests" kind of way.
PHP is interpreted.Java is compiled to bytecode.
PHP is mostly used to
dynamically generate Webpages.
Java is mostly used in Applets, mobile software, Enterprise stuff, desktop application with and without GUI (Graphical User Interface), 3D games, Google Web Toolkit and so on.
It allows Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
as an option which is ignored
in the majority projects
In, Java, OOP is default.
The PHP String constants are declared
using single or double quotes.
Double quotes can evaluate variables
embedded in the text.
All the Java String constants use double quotes and it has no such variable evaluation.
PHP object method calls
use the (–>) operator.
Java uses the (.) operator.
Constructor in PHP
are called __construct()
Constructors in Java are named after the class name.
There is no method overloading in PHP,
however methods and functions can have
optional parameters.
Java has the method overloading.

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