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  • The numbers differ from one place to another place.
  • Internationalizing the numbers is good for the application that displays the informations according to the locales.
  • The NumberFormat class is used to format the number according to the specific locale.
  • To get the instance of the NumberFormat class, we need to call either getInstance() or getNumberInstance() methods.


public static NumberFormat getNumberInstance(Locale locale)  
public static NumberFormat getInstance(Locale locale)//same as above  
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Sample Code

  • In this example, we are internationalizing the number.
  • The format method of the NumberFormat class formats the double value into the locale specific number.
import java.text.NumberFormat;  
import java.util.*;  
public class I18NNumber {  
static void printNumber(Locale locale){  
 double dbl=105000.3245;  
 NumberFormat formatter=NumberFormat.getNumberInstance(locale);  
 String number=formatter.format(dbl);  
 System.out.println(" Number "+number+" locale "+locale);  
public static void main(String[] args) {  
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 Number 105 000,325 locale fr_FR
 Number 105,000.325 locale ja_JP
 Number 105,000.325 locale en_GB
 Number 105,000.325 locale en_US

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