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Difference between Nodejs and Java

System Resource usageNodeJS consistently uses comparatively
very low CPU and Memory due to
fewer threads used for processing.
J2EE model scales with threads and hence it is CPU and memory hungry. CPU and Memory usage was comparatively very high.
Simple URL based read/writes
and increasing User Load
As the load and concurrency grow,
NodeJS’s scalability potential for
lightweight operations improves.
Since each request executes as thread, thread pool size con not be set infinite so with a given thread pool size requests will have to wait for their turn which work well on moderate load but performance degrades on Extremely high twitter kind of loads.
CPU intensive operationsIt should be very carefully
chosen in this scenario.
Should be preferred due to multi threading capabilities that can execute such operations in parallel without blocking other requests.
Independent and Blocking
Asynchronous I/O operations.
Like mix of DB calls, web
service calls, file read/write etc.
Such operations can be executed
in parallel while NodeJS instead
of waiting on blocking I/O operations
can process more requests.
Performance degrades on higher loads. All sub operations in each and every request will be performed sequentially even though they are independent. So originally it may scale up to some parallel threads or request after that waiting time will keep most of the threads waiting (blocking resources).
Server/MiddlewareExpress.JS(Async)J2EE Compliant Web Server (non async).
Module RepositoryNode Package Modules (NPM)Mostly maven
Pass supportNodejitsuMultiple…
Full StackJavascript all acrossNo java only stack
 nodejs processing model

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