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Difference between Kotlin vs Java

Developed ByKotlin was developed by JetBrains.
Andrey Breslav was team leader of project
Kotlin. Initial version of Kotlin
was released in the 2016.
Java was developed by Sun Microsystems
which was later acquired by Oracle Corporation.
James Gosling was the lead developer of Java.
Initial version of Java was released in the year 1995.
Code SizeIn Kotlin, we have to write 30-40%
less code when compared to Java.
In Java, we have to write more
code when compared to Kotlin.
Null SafetyKotlin does not have null pointer
exception problem. Some various ways are
provided to deal with this exception.
NullPointerException is most common
problem in Java which is occurred
when we try to access a member
having null reference.
Checked ExceptionIt doesn’t have checked
exception feature.
It have checked exception
Operator OverloadingKotlin allows operator overloading.
Programmer can define the operators
working according to need.
Java doesn’t support operator
Use of SemicolonIt is optional to write semicolon
at the end of statements.
In Java each statement must be
terminated by semicolon.
App SizeAndroid app built with Kotlin has
more size because it contains Kotlin as
well as Java libraries. Also Gradle build time
slower for Kotlin as compared to
Android app built with Java
has less size when compared to
Kotlin. Gradle build time for Java
is little faster when compared to Kotlin.
 kotlin vs ava

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