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Loop - the statements are executed sequentially: the first statement of the function is executed first, then the second one, and so on. The loop is used in a situation where you need to execute a code block several times


  • Loop declarations allow you to execute an operator or group of statements several times, the general structure of the loop statement in most programming languages is given below:

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  • There are the following cycles in Java to handle cyclic requirements (go to the next links to learn more about each).
Loop Description
while Repeats an operator or group of statements as long as the specified condition is true.
The loop checks the condition before the loop body executes.
for Executes the sequence of statements several times and shortens the code that the loop variable controls.
improved for Executes a sequence of statements several times and shortens the code that the loop variable controls.
do ... while The while loop is executed, except that it checks for conditions at the end of the loop body.
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Cycle Operators

  • Cycle statements - change the normal execution of the loop sequence in Java. When execution exits from its area, all objects that were created automatically in this area will be destroyed.
  • Java supports the following control loop statements.
Operator Description
break Terminates the loop or switch statement, and passes the execution to the next, which is immediately after the loop or switch statement.
continue Causes the loop, skip the rest of its body and immediately recheck its state again.

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