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Difference between c and java

Comparison Index C Java
Platform dependentC is a platform-dependent.Java is platform-independent.
Goto statementC supports goto statement.Java doesn’t support goto statement.
PointerC supports pointersJava doesn’t support pointer.
(support only implicit pointer)
Structures and unionsC supports structures and unions.Java doesn’t support structures and unions.
CompilerC uses Compiler only.Java uses both compiler and interpreter.
System programmingC is mainly used for system
Java is mainly used for application programming.
It is widely used in window, web-based,
enterprise and mobile applications.
sizeof() operatorC supports sizeof() operator.Java doesn’t support sizeof() operator.
Unsigned DatatypeC supports unsigned datatype.Java doesn’t support unsigned datatype.
Auto, extern and register variableC supports auto,
extern and register variable.
Java doesn’t support auto,
extern and register variable.
ProgrammingC is Procedure Oriented Programming.Java is Object Oriented Programming.
Header filesC supports Preprocessors,
Headerfiles. (#define, #include).
Java doesn’t support Preprocessors,
Headerfiles. (#define, #include).

C Compiler

 c compiler

Learn Java - Java tutorial - c compiler - Java examples - Java programs

Java Compiler

 java compiler

Learn Java - Java tutorial - java compiler - Java examples - Java programs

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