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  • Java Networking is a concept of connecting two or more computing devices together so that we can share resources.
  • Java socket programming provides facility to share data between different computing devices.
 Java Networking

Learn Java - Java tutorial - Java Networking - Java examples - Java programs

Advantage of Java Networking

  • sharing resources
  • centralize software management

Java Networking Terminology

  • The widely used java networking terminologies are given below:
    • IP Address
    • Protocol
    • Port Number
    • MAC Address
    • Connection-oriented and connection-less protocol
    • Socket

IP Address

  • IP address is a unique number assigned to a node of a network e.g. . It is composed of octets that range from 0 to 255.
  • It is a logical address that can be changed.
java networking

Learn Java - Java tutorial - ip address in java networking - Java examples - Java programs


  • A protocol is a set of rules basically that is followed for communication. For example:
    • TCP
    • FTP
    • Telnet
    • SMTP
    • POP etc.

Port Number

  • The port number is used to uniquely identify different applications. It acts as a communication endpoint between applications.
  • The port number is associated with the IP address for communication between two applications.

MAC Address

  • MAC (Media Access Control) Address is a unique identifier of NIC (Network Interface Controller).
  • A network node can have multiple NIC but each with unique MAC.

Connection-oriented and connection-less protocol

  • In connection-oriented protocol, acknowledgement is sent by the receiver. So it is reliable but slow. The example of connection-oriented protocol is TCP.
  • But, in connection-less protocol, acknowledgement is not sent by the receiver. So it is not reliable but fast. The example of connection-less protocol is UDP.


  • A socket is an endpoint between two way communication.

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