Why Should I hire You ?

  • To answer this question, you again need to analyze the requirements of the role properly and match them to your candidature.
  • If you meet most of the requirements, you can say that you have most of the qualities needed for this role and for the remaining you are always open to learning them.
  • You can follow this up with an example from your last job where you learnt and did things that you didn’t know earlier.
  • Stay confident while answering this question.
  • An interviewer will rarely ask this question as they usually scan your profiles before they call for an interview.
  • If they ask this question, they only want to judge how well can you adapt to negativity.

Sample answer:

  • “I realize I may not have all the experience.
  • However, we all start from scratch.
  • And it’s not about how much I know, it’s about how much can I learn here.
  • I have a passion to learn and I’m sure I can do it”.

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