What is the most difficult situation you have faced at job ?

  • To answer the question about handling your most stressful situations, you should review about what position you held in the previous company.
  • Unless you were working at the post of a manager or a leader, you would most probably be handling general situations and would have the support of others to solve any difficult situation.
  • You have to explain the interviewer how you actually handled the situation and why you choose that way.
  • For example, you should first describe the situation, the optional resolutions you gathered, the actions you decided to take and finally the results + lesson learned.

Steps to be followed while answering this question are:

  • Strategizing:
    • The first step is to get ready for difficult situations.
  • Acknowledging:
    • Explain the problem that was raised.
  • Clarifying:
    • Understand the root cause of the problem.
  • Providing Resolutions:
    • Consider the possible solution and choose one.
  • Taking action:
    • Solve the problem.
  • Checking back:
    • Learn the result.

Sample answers:

  • Our team’s targets were increased three fold and initially everyone was overcome by the number, but we discussed it with our manager and he was co-operative and understood the situation.
  • But he wanted us to give it a try and was ready to reduce the targets to a more realistic number.
  • You can also talk about a very demanding project where you worked for long hours/2 shifts and had to sacrifice on family time, but once the project was done you got recognition for the hard work and you were over the stress

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