What Motivates You ?

Reason for raising this question:

  • By asking this question, the interviewers will try to figure out what makes you tick.
  • They will be eager to know what drives you to success.
  • It help’s your interviewer’s get a sense of you as both a person and how you’d be as their employee.
  • This question is somewhat open ended.
  • Note that the significance of motivators will vary at different stages of your life.
  • For example security might not very important for you now but it might be when you start your own family. Thus, when choosing a career, you should not only keep in mind what stimulates you now but also what might excite you in the future.
  • This way you’ll be better off to pursue a path that creates the most comfortable environment for you and helps you give your best.

Sample Answer 1:

  • We may feel harder to answer this question on spot as it requires a bit of self-reflection.
  • Before you prepare your answer, think about the jobs you have held in the past:
    • What happened during your best days?
    • When were you most looking forward to a day at the office?
    • When did you come home from work bursting with stories, and feeling enthusiastic and excited?

Sample Answer 2:

  • Quest for personal development:
    • This is a huge motivation in the workplace and can be offered by employers to encourage their highly determined employees.
    • By talking about your yearning to evolve within a role, you are revealing yourself to be a focused and serious individual with genuine desire for success.
  • Love for constant challenges:
    • Just like people who love the thrill of unexpected Challenge’s and the rewards which come with it, you can discuss how you are also motivated by challenges both expected and unforeseen.
    • This kind of attitude will appeal to employers and will portray you as a candidate who is capable to not just enjoy unexpected challenges and tasks but also handle the pressures which they bring in.

Sample Answer 3:

  • I would like to be a part of your team with a lot of intelligent people who have interesting ideas.
  • I love to prepare and give presentations. Being in front of an audience and seeing them respond to my ideas is a real thrill, and making that connection is inspiring and exciting.
  • It really excites me to work with clients on a one-on-one basis and see positive results.

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