What are your salary expectations ?

Different ways in which this question can be asked :

  • What salary you are seeking ?
  • How much salary do you expect ?
  • What kind of a salary are you looking for ?
What are your salary requirements

What are your salary requirements

What kind of a salary are you looking for?

  • If you feel it’s in your best interests to avoid the question, your reply should respectfully and professionally communicate three general principles:
    • Your interest in the opportunity;
    • Your expectation to be paid in line with market conditions and your experience level;
    • Your willingness to discuss salary history once you and the company decide you’re the right person for the position.
  • When you should answer depends on when in the hiring process the question comes up.
  • Some companies demand a salary history with your application.
  • Others will ask the salary question in an initial phone screen.
  • “ I’m looking for a challenging job that will give me the opportunity to work on interesting projects - The salary is only part of what I’m looking for.”
  • However, if the interviewer persists and asks you a second time, you may need to give them a rough idea, but again, without pricing yourself out of the market.

Your answers could be like:

  • I’m unwilling to focus on just one factor at this stage when so many other factors affect what makes an opportunity a great fit: the job itself, the company, the people I'd be working with, and growth potential. So far, I'm impressed with what I have learned about this opportunity and I remain very interested in learning more!
  • I was paid well in my last position. The number was in line with market conditions and the results I delivered. I’m very interested in this opportunity, and I’ll be happy to discuss my compensation history when we determine that I'm the right person for the job.

Sample answer:

  • In general, I expect a salary that’s consistent with current employees at the same level. I think I can be a great asset to this company, and if you agree, I’d love to hear your offer.
  • I’m quite open and slightly flexible on salary as the opportunity to add value and to be valued is important to me. I’d appreciate knowing how you value this position and what your budget is for this role ?

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