Assuming that you are selected, what will be your strategy for next 60 days

Reason for popping this question is:

  • The interviewer wishes to know whether the candidate is looking for a career rather than a job.
  • They look for those who are familiar with the industry and are ready to hit the ground.
  • They will be trying to encounter our career goals as well as our overall plan towards our work.
  • This question becomes as challenging one to put into words sometimes.
  • Make use of the diplomatic answers which will impress the interviewer.

Tips to answer this question are:

  • Answer in such a way that shows your plans are with the opportunity.
  • Your answer should focus towards interviewer’s expectation, and not our personal needs.
  • Briefly explain how you can grow in this position.
  • No need to mention in detail about your previous jobs.
  • Avoid the usage of words like wait- and-see, wait-and-watch and so on.

Thing to be avoided are:

  • Don’t focus on settling in and learning your interest rather than the companies interest.
  • Apply successful ideas to your new company.
  • Avoid going into excessive detail about previous jobs.
  • Never avoid the question by stating you prefer to take a wait-and-see approach.
  • When discussing your goals, don’t forget to talk about how you plan to reach them

Strategy for the first 30 days:

  • We shall reply as we will be first focusing over the training period, then to find mentors, to understand the company culture and our specific role towards both our job description and the people working around us.

Strategy from 30-60 days:

  • Implementing your training and getting your experience into action optimizing your performance. Be an effective leader/coworker and build relationships that benefit you, your position and the company standard.

Sample answer:

  • If I am chosen for this place, I will use my initial 60 days in getting deeper knowledge about the company culture and my specific role in terms of the involvement to the company and increasing the overall productivity. I will focus on my training, find mentors to understand what has already been done to increase the overall standard of the company.

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