Do you have any questions for us ?

Reason for asking this question is:

  • To find your level of interest in the job.
  • To check who prepared and focused you are.
  • To identify your confident to clarify your doubts.
Do you have any questions to ask me

Do you have any questions to ask me

The importance of answering this question is:

  • The ones who end the conversation by answering this question leave the best impressions on employers.
  • It makes the recruiter feel that you are a bright and energetic person who wants to be a part of the organization.

Areas on which you can ask question is:

  • Business.
  • Products.
  • Management.
  • Values.
  • Mission and other important things.

Questions that you should never ask are:

  • What does the company do?
  • How frequency can I get leaves for vacations?
  • What will be salary?

Questions that you can ask are:

  • What does a typical day in this role looks like?
  • Is there anything which is not in the job description that I should know?
  • What does success look lie in this role and how will my performance be evaluated against it?
  • Will there be any specific projects you would want me to work on?

Sample answer:

  • First of all, Thank you, sir, for giving me this opportunity to ask a question. I would like to ask one question. During my whole Interview process, I would like to know my lacking areas ?. Can you suggest me what should I improve?
  • Your suggestion will definitely help and enhance to me. And once again thank you for gave me your precious time to recruiting me. Thank you Sir/madam.

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