How to compensate for lack of experience ?

  • It is a straight challenge question.
  • This question may be imposing, but keep in mind that lack of experience does not mean an immediate disqualification from the job.
  • If they think that you are not fit for the job then they might have not called you for the interview.
  • If you talk about what you will do to compensate, you give them reason to believe you are not right for the job.
  • If you have any experience that the interviewer does not know about, bring that up. Then point out that you are a hard-working quick learner.
  • If you do lack experience, know how to rely on your personal strengths and knowledge to make up for it.

Tips to remember for this question are:

  • Be confident.
  • Match your skills.
  • Tell them you will be great at the job.
  • Share some qualifications, if applicable.
  • Focus on your background

Some possible answers could be:

  • I do not have any bad habits to add to the organization.
  • As you can see, I am also a quick learner .
  • I am very passionate about what I do.
  • Everything is new to me, so I am that much more excited to learn everything.”

Sample answer:

  • Experience is only valuable if it helps you are doing better job than somebody without it. Yet I am confident I will handle the position’s tasks competently, making any experience in the field unnecessary and possibly irrelevant.
  • I would probably say experience is gained as a result of being exposed in a particular field. If I am given a chance to get involved in this particular field, with my ability to quickly learn & pick up new things, I guarantee that I would be a success in this field.

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