What is your style of management ?

Reason for asking this question:

  • To judge your ability to solve problem.
  • To understand who are you and what you bring to table.
  • To test whether you have an answer to all.

Four types of management styles:

  • Autocratic.
  • Paternalistic.
  • Democratic.
  • Laissez-faire.
Describe your management style

Describe your management style

If a company is hiring all freshers, they would need a strong-minded and experienced manager who can lead by other employees.

If the management position is within an already established department populated with experienced workers, they would require a manager who can cooperate/collaborate with them and ensure that nothing comes in their way when they are working.

Steps to answer this question:

  • Define what is management.
  • Add your spin.
  • Give an example.
    • However, when answering this question, it is a good idea to give a “non-answer.”
    • Your answer could be you are willing to change and not fixed with a set technique.
    • You must make the interviewer understand that they are getting someone isn’t adapted in their beliefs.
    • And they are getting someone that is thoughtful and analyzes each situation for its properties.

Sample answer:

  • “I do not conform to a specific management style. I try to adjust my style of management to each situation, since part of my job is to assess both the best way to complete the project efficiently and the style of leadership that works best with current staff dynamics.”

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