Don’t you think, You are Overqualified for this Position ?

Reason for applying the overqualified job:

  • Changing careers.
  • In times of economic uncertainty.
  • To find a less stressful job

Reason for asking this question is:

  • The main concern behind the “overqualified” question is that you will leave your new employer as soon as something better comes your way.
  • Anything you can say to demonstrate the sincerity of your commitment to the employer and encourage him that you’re looking to stay for the long-term will help you overcome this objection.
  • At this point the interviewer might actually have some interest in hiring you.
  • Now show them the clear benefits in bringing you onboard instead of someone else.

Sample answers:

  • With you they’ll get a faster return on investment. You can start contributing right away - there’s no need to spend much time (or money) getting you trained. Moreover you can mentor other employees on-the-job and be available as a support. These truly are powerful differentiators for the right employers!
  • “Because of my unusually strong experience in X position , I could start to contribute right away, perhaps much faster than someone who’d have to be brought along more slowly.”
  • “Most important, I’m looking to make a long term commitment in my career now. I’ve had enough of job-hunting and want a permanent spot at this point in my career. I also know that if I perform this job with excellence, other opportunities cannot help but open up for me right here. In time, I’ll find many other ways to help this company and I am really looking to make a long-term commitment.”

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