What position would you prefer while working on a project ?

Answer for the question can be any of the one given below:

  • To work in a particular position.
  • To participate in various roles.
    • If you are looking forward to be actively participating with varied roles, mention that with a clear description that you have more tendency towards a particular position but would render support whichever way the situation demands.
    • If you are comfortable with a particular position only, do mention that in a gentle manner. Show them how your skills can be beneficial while you get to work in that position.
    • You can give examples of previous projects where you took the position and excellent in handling the work.

Sample answer:

  • I am comfortable with both the positions, team leader as well as team player. But the position for now that I most prefer is team player because as I am fresher so I want to do my best with my knowledge and skills.
  • Being a fresher I want to be a Team member in a project because as a team member there will be lot to learn from others. Also I would like to play with teams where I can face different kinds of people which will be challenge for my team work. I hope that I will improve my designation through my performance in my project.

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