How would you improve upon our product / company ?

Reason for asking this question is:

  • If the company is launching a new product, then they will expect us to collect the whole idea by understanding why the company is in the particular business, what so they do and why would a customer rely on them for their product and services. So, at time we must be able to do the things that were mentioned above.
  • Thus is the reason why they expect us to answer the question with confidence.

Tips to answer this question are:

  • Do not explain about something that you have not used before.
  • We can even raise questions to them if we are familiar about the products and services. The questions can be like:
    • Whom they are focusing this product.
    • What the product is about.

The areas that can be mentioned to improve our product are:

  • Improve the capacity of Human Resources.
  • Develop KPI for all staff.
  • Develop Individual Accountability Plan.
  • Set Business strategic plan.
  • Maximize profit.
  • Leadership development.
  • With hard-work.
  • Honesty.
  • Our confidence.
  • Set business strategic plan.
  • Choose the right costumer for products.

Sample answer:

  • Since I’d be coming from an altogether new environment, I am bound to possess a new perspective towards everything here including the company, product, customers, environment, strategy etc. This will enable me to constructively question things which anyone else here might not do. This will help in improving the things and making the product & company better.
  • Having worked closely with product development team I understand how the research for product development is carried out and how is customer requirement analysed. I’d be able to provide a value addition there too.

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