Tell me about yourself ?

Tell me about yourself ?

  • The answer to this basically sets the starting point to the rest of our rest of the interview.
  • Let’s discuss some of the points that will create a good impression over you.
  • They are:
    • See to that your answer must not go beyond 3-4 sentences
    • Give a brief description about your educational background.
    • Your answer must be simple and give time for rest of our questions.
    • The common mistake that we will do is to share about our weakness.
    • There is no need to start a sentence like “I am basically from…”
Careful answers to interview questions

Careful answers to interview questions

  • There are 15 ways to describe yourself.
    • Revenue generator
    • Top Performer
    • Vision for success
    • Growth and Development
    • Goal oriented
    • Customer Focused
    • Positive self-Started
    • Leadership
    • Self-Determined
    • Results Oriented and Pragmatic
    • Driven to Excellence
    • Accountable
    • Resolute and Decisive
    • Community minded Team Player
    • Strong Personal Values
  • When you are answering this question, you must have a complete idea about our job description and carry it over in such a way that you are the one to fit for that job.
  • You must have a positive attitude, honest and straightforward as to why you are the fittest one to the company.
  • This is the opportunity to sell yourself and to prove that you are the strong candidate for the position which you have been considered.

Sample Answer 1:

  • I am Veer S/o Mr. Veer Singh from Aligarh
  • Regarding of my academic qualification I have crossed 12th standers with first division from U.P. Board Allahabad and now my educational qualification I am a graduate of computer from DBRAU Agra .
  • As far as I concern about my technical qualification I have one year computer course of computer teacher training form AIHN Aligarh & I have three months computer hardware & networking course from AMU Aligarh.
  • My strength & weakness:-

  • If I say something about my strength & weakness then I can say one of thing.
  • In the modern time there is no one have some strength & weakness.
  • I mean to say that I have every person strength and weakness and who doesn't have some one of them.
  • My strength is my on confidence, my parents, my friends, all who support me very much.
  • Apart from all that I have positive thinking & my communication skills.
  • My weakness is reading news paper & watching new Channel.

Sample Answer 2:

  • Throughout my career, I have always worked well with a wide range of people of varying skill sets. It has been a strong point of mine to always involve several people in my decision making process. This style of collaboration has made me a very effective manager in every company I have ever worked and I strongly believe that it’s the people of any company that are the most valuable resource.”

Sample Answer 3:

    Hi, Good Morning……

  • First of all, many thanks for calling me and giving me this golden opportunity to introduce myself in front of you. Myself Soon Jha from Mumbai, born and brought-up in this great city. I love my family very much, my father is in the Indian Navy, my mother is a housewife, earlier, she was working with in an MNC, but because of me, my brother and sister, she left the job. My brother and sister both are studying in 10th and 12th standard respectively.
  • I have done my schooling (10th & 12th) from DAV Public School Nerul, Navi Mumbai, and Engineering (computer science) from Indian Institute of Technology, Powai , Mumbai. Computer science was my favorite subject, that’s why in 10th, 12th and Engineering, I scored good marks in computer programming as compared to other subjects.
  • When I was in the Engineering College, I had made up my mind to become a mobile app developer. In my college, I have done many mobile application development projects successfully. Also, I have done certification courses on Android™ Application Development & Programming, App Development tools and Device Security.
  • I am skilled in planning, designing, developing, implementing, debugging and troubleshooting mobile applications using Android. Also, I am good in object oriented programming, Core Java, C++, Android framework & SDK, and Android Studio.
  • As a fresher, I don’t have any work experience, but I am very passionate to work for this company as an Android mobile application developer. My goal is to build a successful career as a mobile app developer, which can help my company and me personally.
  • My strengths are laborious, positive attitude, punctuality, and strong in management skills. My weakness is, I can’t sit in one place for longer periods. My hobbies are watching T.V, listening old & pop songs, playing video games & in-door games, and eating Chinese food.
  • That’s all about me. Thanks again for giving me this golden chance.

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