Tell us some of your weaknesses

Various ways in which this question can be asked

  • What are your weaknesses examples ?
  • What is your greatest weakness ?
  • What are your Weaknesses?
What are your weakness

What are your weakness

Reason for asking this question:

  • How we handle.
  • Are we honest in answering.
  • To ensure whether we have the capability to correct things.
  • Do they take any risks hiring you?

Some of the weaknesses that can mention are:

  • Presentation skills.
  • Too focused.
  • Time management.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Technical skill.

Ways to answer your weaknesses:

  • Remember that a weakness isn’t necessarily bad.
  • Be specific.
  • Avoid deal-breakers for the job.

Sample answer:

  • In my last position, I wasn't able to develop my public-speaking skills. I'd really like to be able to work in a place which will help me get better at giving presentations and talking in front of others.
  • Sometimes I am little lazy, believing every one which is not true in all case. I am unable to say No directly if somebody asks me for help. Also, I believe I'm not at all an extremely talkative person. Sometimes it is my strength too. But I am improving to overcome it.

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