What would you change about your job ?

Points to emphasize:

  • Discuss the changes that you have made about your job.
  • Give detail about why.
  • Try to go in a way that fit the position that you are applying for.
  • Keep your answers informative, yet brief.
What are you looking for a job change

What are you looking for a job change

Avoid the following mistakes:

  • Do not badmouth anyone or the previous company you worked for. That means that you should not say that you would change who you work with or work for.
  • Do not answer in a negative way.
  • Try not to talk about situations, experiences or traits that go against the values of the company you are interviewing with.
  • Be careful not to answer in a way that makes you see unfit for this position.
  • The first is to refuse to look back, and only talk about the future events you can affect. Make sure to at least mention the past as far as learning from it.
  • Another way is to give a specific example, then explain what you learned from it. Talk about how that created a better outcome, or will create a better outcome in the future.

Sample Answer:

  • If I could change anything about my job, I would change the mode of communication. The company had an instant message application on all of the computers, and many times that is what managers would use to communicate to their employees. As you may know, IM leaves a lot of room for interpretation. This caused a lot of miscommunication. I think that communication is a very important part of this career, and I do not think that the easiest thing is always the best. I would like to see this change so that projects could be completed on time and with more efficiency.
  • If I could change one thing about my previous job, it would be the lack of consistency in communication between management and employees. At my last job, I had three different supervisors to report to who had three different strategies for completing the same project. Because of this, many projects had to be extended beyond deadlines and there was often a lot of confusion among employees. By creating more consistency in communication between upper management and the employees, everyone in the department would always be on the same page and communication would always be transparent.

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