Have you ever fired anyone ?

Tips to remember:

  • Focus on the needs of the company.
  • Never act like you enjoy firing people.
  • The good of the company is more important than your own happiness.

How to answer this question:

  • Focus on the company’s needs, yet acknowledge that it has always been difficult and it will always be difficult.
  • Make sure you show empathy, but the willingness to put the company ahead of your own needs.

This question has two answers:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Whatever your answer is either yes or no but you have to come with an explanation in each case.

  • If your answer is no you will need to clarify that you never found yourself in such a situation where firing was the last option but if a situation calls for it, you will do it. If you have fired before, do not hesitate to state it clear.
  • You should state that you put your company and its benefits ahead of your personal ties with the employees.
  • Add in your answer that you do have empathy for those working under you but your profession responsibility is more important to you.

Sample answer:

  • Yes, I have. It is a difficult decision indeed but when you have the responsibility of employing right people in the right position to ensure 100% productivity, you have to be strictly professional when situation demands. The experience is neither pleasant for the employer nor the employee so it has to be handled very sensitively. Every individual has some exclusive talent which might not be helpful in one position but can prove to be benevolent in the other."
  • Though it is never easy, for the company to succeed, it must make tough decisions on those in its employ. Without making those tough decisions, the company would fail and everyone that works for it would be without employment. I recognize that, so while I may not enjoy it, I also know that it is these tough decisions that help the company survive in the tough economy.”

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