Are you willing to travel ?

Are you willing to travel ?

Here are five responses that will make sure your name is not removed from consideration:

  • I am absolutely willing to travel.
  • The ‘maybe’ answer
  • Saying possibly with enthusiasm.
  • How do you say no ?
  • What not to say ?

The things that should be avoided:

  • Are you going to pay me more ?
  • If I get to choose where you move me.
  • I never want to move from this area.
  • Depends on what you are willing to offer.

Similar interview questions

  • Do you own your own car ? Are you willing to use it for business travel ?
  • How many nights per week are you willing to be on the road ?
  • Is there anywhere in the world where you would not be willing to travel ?
  • How much travel have you done in your life ? Do you enjoy it ?

This question has two answers:

  • If you are happy to Travel:
    • “To me, where I travel is really a secondary concern.
    • My career path is important to me, and I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve learned about this company and believe that this position in particular is a great fit for my skills in X, Y, and Z. Do you agree?”
  • If you absolutely can’t Travel then:
    • You have to be honest about that, but try not to just say “No.”
    • You don’t know what the future holds, and your life might look very different in a year for a thousand reasons.
    • So say, “I’d rather not travel right now, but that could easily change in the future.
    • Who knows what circumstances may bring tomorrow or a year from now?”
  • In all of these cases, these answers make you look more sincere than if you had given the standard answer about the “right opportunity.”
  • They keep you from making a strong commitment while still making you appear flexible-which is always going to be a plus with your future employer.
  • I'm unquestionably ready to travel. I've been searching for a vocation that will enable me to go as a feature of my duties since I find that venture out enables me to extend my insight into the numerous aspects of an organization's client base. Travel enables me to develop my training, as well as my expert system.

Sample Answers

“I’m really happy to say I would be like to travelling, I’ll admit that I have some prior commitments that prevent me from traveling every weekend, but I’m more than happy to travel every week if necessary. Do you know how much traveling would be expected of me ?”.

" I’m definitely willing to travel. I have worked as a sales representative in the past, and that work required 50 percent travel time. I know this job requires 50 percent travel time, and I’m willing and able to travel when needed for this company."

"I’m very interesting to travel. I believe it’s really important to meet regularly with my clients face-to-face to develop our working relationship. However, could I have a bit more information on the type of travel required for this job, to get a better sense of the job schedule? Would this travel be weekly, or once every few weeks or months?"

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