Can you tell me more about this break in your career history ?

Alternative ways in which this question can be asked are:

  • What did you do during this gap in your employment ?
  • I see, there’s some gap in your work history.
What are your career goals

What are your career goals

Reasons that are acceptable are:

  • Raising a child
  • Caring for another dependant
  • Travel

Reasons that will definitely be viewed negatively are:

  • Inability to find a suitable position
  • Ill health
  • Short gaps and obvious periods of study or job transition usually require no explanation in the job interview.
  • Likewise, if the gap occurred a number of years ago and has been followed by solid employment it is generally ignored. However long and recent periods of unemployment require a properly thought-out job interview answer.
  • Make sure that you emphasize any constructive activities during your gap period such as volunteer work, workshops or coursework, consulting or freelance work.
  • Finally, exude enthusiasm for returning to work and make a very strong case for why your target job would be exciting for you and an excellent fit.

Sample answers:

  • "I stayed home to look after my sick mother. I knew I would be unable to devote myself properly to my job and to being the care-taker, so I resigned. The situation has now changed and that I am ready to re-enter the work force. I am excited about creating a positive contribution to your company."
  • "I went through a difficult time emotionally following the ........., and that I took some time out to deal with this. It was a difficult period for me but I worked hard and succeeded in overcoming it. I’m a stronger person for it and currently I’m able to tackle a new job. I feel that the expertise I gained at my previous company will extremely benefit this position in the following ways"

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