What is Website - HTML Tutorial

What is Website

  • A set of web pages located under a single domain name, generally produced by a single person or organization.
  • A website is a collection of many web pages that are written using HTML (HyperText Markup Language).
  • To make your website available to every person in the world, it must be stored or hosted on a computer connected to the Internet. That computers are known as a Web Server .
  • The website’s web pages are associated with hyperlinks and hypertext participate a common interface and design.
  • The website also can consist of some easy documents and files comparable as images, videos, or special digital means.
  • With the Internet overrunning every domain, we see websites for all kinds of motives and purposes. So, we can also say that a website additionally may be allowed of as a digital environment able of sending information and results and promoting ads among people, places, and results to help the goals of the organisation it have become created for.
What is website

What is website

Factors of a Website :

  • We know that a website is a collection of a webpages hosted on a web-server. These are the factors for making a website.
Factors of website

Factors of website


  • Hosting is the position where the website is physically placed.
  • Group of webpages (linked webpages) certified to be called a website only when the webpage is hosted on the webserver.
  • The webserver is a set of files transmitted to user computers when they specify the website’s address.


  • Address of a website also knows as the URL of a website.
  • When a user wants to open a website also, they need to put the address or URL of the website into the web browser, and the asked website is delivered by the webserver.


  • Home page is a very common and important part of a webpage.
  • It’s the first webpage that appears when a visitor visits the website.
  • The home page of a website is very important as it sets the look and sense of the website and directs visitors to the rest of the pages on the website.


  • It is the final and overall look and sense of the website that has a result of proper use and combines elements like navigation menus, graphics, layout,etc.


  • Every web pages contained on the website together make up the content of the website.
  • Good content on the webpages makes the website more effective and attractive.

Navigation Structure

  • The navigation structure of a website is the order of the pages, the collection of what links to what.
  • Generally, it is held together by at least one navigation menu.

How to Access website ?

  • When we type a certain URL in a browser search bar, the browser requests the web page from the Web server and the Web server returns the specified web page and its content material to the browser.
  • Now, it differs from how the server returns the records required in the case of static and dynamic websites.

Advantages of Website

Factors of website

Website Advantage

  • Ease of access
    • Life may be very busy nowadays and people are searching out smooth and convenient approaches in unique regions in their lives.
    • Instead of going to the market, buying online is the very best manner to buy items.
    • Since the existing safety rules and regulations, people’s agree with in online shopping and e-commerce has increased. This can be successful to the profitability of your business.
  • Accessibility
    • Even in case your business has a huge workplace in the maximum well-known region, it does not assure success, due to the fact this region is most effective accessible to a small quantity of people. But online area is available everywhere in the world.
    • With the current delivery companies, you may without problems supply stock from one country to some other in a matter of days. So the website will increase the accessibility of your business.
  • Wider Marketing
    • Marketing on your website is less complicated and greater cost-effective than some other kind of advertising.
    • You can use search engine optimization dialogue to sell your website, which could be very effective and may be measured.
    • You also can test the very last outcomes via search engine optimization after which optimize the marketing campaign for higher outcomes.
  • Increase Credit
    • Today the website will increase the credibility of your business. Having a website with top web layout also can increase your logo or logo recognition or maybe play a logo position on your site.
    • Therefore, you want to have a website on your business that allows you to make extra money.
    • Another critical problem is web layout for various fields, along with company site layout, shop site layout, news, etc.
    • If this factor is taken into consideration, the audience after they input your website need to see the identification of your business.
    • Not something that doesn't exist at all. In general, do not release your site simply due to the fact you have a website.
  • Up-to-date Information
    • If you need to tell your clients approximately your unique offers or sales, you should use environmental equipment together with announcements.
    • But in the case of websites, you could replace it in real-time and display your tips for your clients every time you need.
    • This manner you may successful client get entry to information and ultimately sales.
  • Provide Better Services
    • If you're promoting a product and need to inform the consumer approximately the advantages of the product, you may add associated articles to your website and offer the important offerings for your customers.
    • This will growth consumer attention approximately the product and its importance.
    • You also can have a Q&A segment to offer factors to customers.
  • Lifelong Benefits
    • The website may have lifelong effects for you.
    • • This manner which you have a confined quantity of time for outside advertising appropriate with the price you pay. But your website and web layout is usually there and could have lifelong advantages for you.
    • In addition to all of the above advantages of getting a website, you could use a variety of web layout strategies to improve and beautify your site to achieve your dreams in the online world.

Disadvantages of Website

Factors of website

Website Disadvantage

  • Cost
    • Websites aren't totally a free service. For constructing a website, an expert desires to be employed who have to be paid for his work.
    • Furthermore, organizations want to spend on web hosting and domain.
    • Now this isn't onetime payment, the customers want to resume them yearly.
  • Privacy
    • Some web sites require private data from the consumer for marketplace information.
    • Most frequently that information is utilized by hackers for the cause of identification robbery and different frauds.
    • For an example, banking web sites want customers to go into sensitive data along with Security PIN, CVV and account number.
    • These data are at a threat of robbery.
  • Spamming
    • Websites also can be used for spamming individuals. Particularly, fake e-commerce sites are setup through the attackers to defraud people's money.
    • These kinds of website sell products in order to never be introduced to a customer or else, the goods may be of low quality.

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