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  • The content attribute provides the value related with the http-equiv or name attribute.

Syntax for content attribute in HTML:

<meta content = “text”>

Applies To:

Element Attribute
<meta> content

content Attribute Value:

Value Description
text It is specify the content of the meta information.

Sample Coding for content Attribute in HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Wikitechy content attribute</title>
        <meta name="description" content="Wikitechy a community of Developers 
        and IT Professional">

Code Explanation for content Attribute in HTML:

content Attribute Code Explanation

  1. <meta> tag defines metadata about an HTML document.
  2. name is an attribute, which defines the name of metadata.
  3. content attribute used to describes the value of the name attribute.

Browser Support for content Attribute in HTML:

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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