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button tag in html

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  • <button> element specifies the clickable function.
  • Inside the button tag we can put content like images or text.
  • It supports Global and event attributes.
  • <button> tag belongs to Flow content, Phrasing content, interactive content, listed, labelable,submittable form associate Content category.

Syntax for <button> tag:

<button>Content here...</button>

Sample Coding for <button> tag:

Tryit<!DOCTYPE html>
<html >
        <button type="button" onclick="alert('welcome to wikitechy')">Click Me!

Code Explanation for <button> tag:

code explanation for button tag

  1. <button> tag used to show a button with clickable event.

Output of <button> tag:

output for button tag

  1. Button is displayed with the name “Click Me!” text.
  2. When user clicks the button an alert message is displayed as “welcome to wikitechy”.

Attribute for <button>tag:

Attribute Value HTML4 HTML5 Description
autofocus autofocus No Yes a button should automatically get focus when the page loads
form form_id No Yes one or more forms the button belongs to
formaction URL No Yes Denotes where to send the form-data when a form is submitted. Only for type="submit"
formenctype application/x-www-form-urlencoded
No Yes Denotes how form-data should be encoded before sending it to a server. Only for type="submit"
formmethod get
No Yes Specifies how to send the form-data (which HTTP method to use). Only for type="submit"
formnovalidate formnovalidate No Yes Specifies that the form-data should not be validated on submission. Only for type="submit"
formtarget _blank
No Yes Specifies where to display the response after submitting the form. Only for type="submit"
disabled disabled Yes No a button should be disabled
name name Yes No a name for the button
type button
Yes No the type of button
value text Yes No Specifies an initial value for the button

Browser Support for <button> tag:

No No Yes No No

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