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br break tag in html

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  • The HTML element <br> inserts the single line break.
  • The <br> tag doesn’t have an end tag because it is an empty tag.
  • It also supports Global and Event attributes.
  • Break tag belongs to Flow content and Phrasing content category.

Syntax for <br> tag :

Content text<br> here.....

Sample coding for <br> tag:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <html >
       <p>Welcome to Wikitechy<br>
          It is easy learning portal<br>
          let’s discuss about current technology here

Code Explanation for <br> tag :

Code Explanation for <br> tag
  1. <br> tag defined here will have a single line break in the text line.

Output for <br>Tag :

Output for <br> tag

  1. Text line “Welcome to Wikitechy” is shown here with the line break.

Browser support for <br> tag:

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Tips and Notes:

  • The <br> tag is also used for writing addresses or poems.
  • It has a line break not to separate the paragraph.