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What is Webpage

  • It is a document written in HTML and can be viewed on any web browser.
  • It is contained within the web server, which can be used by entering the URL for that web page, and once it is enterd, it appears on the user's web browser.
  • Each webpage is linked with a unique URL; Hence two pages cannot have the same URL.
What is WebPage

What is WebPage

  • A webpage may contain textbook, links for other pages, graphics, videos, etc. Moreover, it is mainly used to give information to the user in textbook, images, etc.
  • A webpage is a part of a website. It contains different type of web pages. Similar as wikitechy.com is a website, and the page presently you are using is the webpage.
  • It can be understood as an example of a book. So, a Website is like a complete book, and a webpage is like a page of that book.
  • The WWW or Internet haves millions of web pages, and daily, a lot is being added.

Elements of HTML

  • Name of the Website
    • Each webpage consists of the name of the website or company, or weblog to which it is attached. The name of the website and the logo are mostly located on the top-left corner of the web page.
    • The logo can also contain a slogan of the site or a short introduction to the site in order that site visitors can quick discover what this site is about.
    • It is one of the important components of the webpage.
    • The website's name additionally has a hyperlink that could redirect to the house web page of that site.
    • The name of the website normally consists of on the header of the web page.
  • Search bar
    • A search bar is likewise an important factor that must present on every page of a website or weblog.
    • The search weblog permits the visitor to look associated records on that website.
  • Navigation Bar
    • A navigation bar is part of a web site that includes hyperlinks to a few vital sections of the website.
    • It helps the visitors to effortlessly traverse a few principal sections of the website.
    • It is positioned especially at the top of the web page or the left side of the web page.
    • When the person clicks on any hyperlink given in the navigation bar, it redirects to the web page.
  • Social Share hyperlinks
    • Social share hyperlinks permit the visitors to share that webpage with their friends on extraordinary social sites which include Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc.
  • Advertisement Banner
    • Whenever you go to any proper website, you spot exclusive commercial banners on every site's page.
    • These banners are used to shows advertisements in exclusive locations on a page.
    • These banners are used to offer monitory advantages to the owner of the website.
    What is WebPage

    What is WebPage

  • Let's understand some simple terms that are used with Webpage:
    • WebSite :
      • It is a collection of web pages. These pages are linked together with hyperlinks. A website has a unique domain name, and we can use it by entering that domain name in the URL.
    • Search Engine :
      • A search engine is an internet service that helps users find any information available on the internet.
    • Web Browser :
      • A web browser or simply browser is application software used to work with the internet.
    • Webserver :
      • A web server can be understood as a computer that hosts or provide a website on the internet.
      • It contains webserver software and component files of a website such as HTML document, images, CSS stylesheet, and JS files.
    • HTML :
      • HTML is an abbreviation of Hyper-Text Markup Language. A markup language is a computer language that specifies how a page should be formatted.
URL of WebPage

URL of WebPage

Characteristics of a Web Page

  • A simple webpage can be created very easily.
  • It takes very little time to create a webpage instead of Website.
  • A web page and a website should be compatible with any device, such as Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, etc.
  • The search engine gives a web page via a link, and when a user clicks on that link, it is diverted to the webpage of a website.
  • A webpage can have any type of information including videos, and audios.
  • It can be made up of only HTML(Hypertext Markup Language), or CSS, or JavaScript for dynamic and attractive behavior.
What is WebPage

Characteristics of WebPage

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