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What is Web Application

  • A web-application is an application program that is generally stored on a remote server, and users can use it via the use of Software known as web-browser.
  • It is a type of computer program that generally executes with the help of a web browser and also uses many web technologies to perform various tasks on the internet.
Web Application

Web Application

  • A web application can be developed for several uses, which can be used by anyone like it can be used as an individual or as a whole organization for several reasons.
  • In general, a web application can contain online shops (or we can also tell them e-commerce shops), webmail's, calculators, social media platforms, etc.
  • There is also some kind of web application that usually requires a special kind of web browser to use them.
  • We can’t use those kinds of web applications by using regular web- browsers.
  • Still, most of the web applications available on the internet can be accessed using a standard web browser.

How does a Web Application Work ?

Flow of Web Application

How Web Application Work

  • In general, web-application does not need downloading them due to the fact, as we already discussed, the web application is a pc application that typically is living at the faraway server.
  • Any person can get right of entry to it with the aid of using the usage of one in every of the usual net browsers which includes Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc., and maximum of them are to be had loose for everyone.
  • A web application are usually coded the usage of the languages supported with the aid of using nearly each net-browsers which includes HTML, JavaScript due to the fact those are the languages that depend upon the net browsers to render this system executable.
  • Some of the web applications are absolutely static because of which they now no longer required any processing at the server in any respect while, on the opposite hand, a few web applications are dynamic and require server-facet processing.
  • To function a web - application, we typically required an server web server to control the clients' upcoming requests and required an application server.
  • The application server plays the assignment that asked with the aid of using the clients, which additionally want a database to save the statistics sometimes.
  • Application server technology variety from ASP.NET, ASP, and ColdFusion to PHP and JSP.

Flow of the Web Application

Flow of Web Application

Flow of Web Application

  • In general, a user sends a request to the web-server using web browsers similar as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc through the internet.
  • Then, the request is encouraged to the applicable web application server by the web-server.
  • Web application server performs the requested operations/tasks like recycling the database, querying the databases; produces the resultof the requested data.
  • The obtained result is transferred to the web-server by the web application server along with the requested data/information or reused data.
  • The web server responds to the user with the requested or reused data/information and gives the result to the user's screen .

Advantages of a Web Application

Flow of Web Application

Advantages of a Web Application

  • A web application is generally not needed to install in the hard drive of the computer system, therefore it eliminates all the issues related to the space limitation.
  • All the users are suitable to use the same version of the web application, which deletes all compatibility issues.
  • It also reduces software privacy in subscription-based web applications, for example, SAAS (or Software as a service)
  • They also reduce the expense for end-users, business owners because the maintenance required by the business is significantly lower.
  • Web applications are flexible. A user can work from any geographical position as long as he has a working internet connection.

Disadvantages of the Web Applications

  • If a user's web application faces any kind of issues, or if he does not have a good quality commercial website, his web application will not be going to run rightly, easily.
  • A user must have to spend enough money to maintain the good condition of his web application, gives an update whenever an issue occurs, and make an attractive user interface, which is not so cheap at all.
  • A web application must be programmed/ coded in such a way that it will be run anyhow of the device's operating system.
  • A web application may face some issues while running on Windows, Android, or several other operating systems if it is not responsive

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