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What is continue statement in python?

  • Python continue statement, it returns the control to the beginning of the while loop.
  • The continue statement rejects all the remaining statements in the current iteration of the loop and moves the control back to the top of the loop.
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  • The continue statement can be used in both while and for loops.
  • Continue Statement is a jump statement that is used to skip the present iteration and forces next iteration of loop to take place.
 python continue statement


  • Program to show the use of continue statement inside loops
for val in "string":
    if val == "i":
print("The end")


The end
  • We continue with the loop, if the string is "i", not executing the rest of the block. Hence, we see in our output that all the letters except "i" gets printed.

Flow chart of continue:

 flow chart continue statement python

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