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  • Before you start, you will need Python on your computer, but you may not need to download it.
  • First of all check that you don't already have Python installed by entering python in a command line window.
  • If you see a response from a Python interpreter it will include a version number in its initial display.
  • Generally any recent version will do, as Python makes every attempt to maintain backwards compatibility.
  • If you need to install Python, you may as well download the most recent stable version.
  • This is the one with the highest number that isn't marked as an alpha or beta release.
  1. To install Python, firstly download the Python distribution from
 python install
  1. Having downloaded the Python distribution now execute it. Double click on the downloaded software. Follow the steps for installation:
 install python
  1. Click Next button to proceed installation process.
 python 2.7 install
 install 2.7 python
 install python 2.7
  • Click the Finish button and Python will be installed on your system.

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