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  • Hong Kong people - Hong Kongese
  • Hong Kong language - Chinesea, English
  • Hong Kong population / population of Hong Kong - 2014 estimate 7,234,800
  • Hong Kong currency - Hong Kong dollar


  • Dress code depends on the industry, with banking and finance being the most conservative.It is important to demonstrate at an interview good appearance as well as good manners. So, dress neatly and conservatively. Formal dark, muted color suits are the uniform of choice for both women and men. Dress should be simple, appropriate and matching with the job you are applied for, as well as with the culture of the company. Look smart, stable and clean.
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  • Menusually wear conservative and lightweight Western-style gray, dark blue, brown or black suits, white or light blue shirts and conservative plain ties or ties with small patterns. You may select a red tie to impress your interviewer. Shoes should be classic in dark colors matching the outfit.
  • Women should wear conservative dresses, suits or skirts and blouses in dark, muted colors with black or brown leather shoes. We recommend closed flat shoes or moderately high-heels. Avoid wearing too much make-up, eye-catching accessories and wear only discreet jewelry. Usually wear just a wedding ring or engagement ring. It is preferable for women to look simple, without much jewelry or accessories.
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  • Dress codes vary slightly according to size of company and industry sector. It is probably safest to wear standard and smart business attire.
  • Men can wear dark suits, shirts and ties and women will not feel out of place in conservative business suits (although trousers tend only to be worn on informal occasions.) It is very important to be well dressed and designer labels are impressive. Anybody who is successful would want to appear successful!

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  • Bear in mind that it can be very hot and humid in the summer and that typhoons are common. Ensure that you have the relevant weight and type of clothing to meet the climatic conditions you will encounter.
  • In Hong Kong, business people dress fairly conservatively, usually in black suits, shirts, and ties. You should try to stick to your formal attire, even during business dinners. Dark, muted colors are usually the best choice for your clothing.
  • Remember that, in Hong Kong business culture, colors can have different meanings. Red is considered a lucky color while white is a traditional symbol of mourning. Pay close attention to these meanings when choosing a color scheme for the day. Wearing a red tie, a red blouse, or another red piece of clothing might have a positive effect. If you want to accessorize, a fancy watch or an elegant necklace also help you dress to impress.


  • Traditional dresses, like the pien-fu, the ch'ang-p'ao, and the shen-I are very popular among the women of Hong Kong. The people of this region, like those in China, associate specific colors with different seasons. According to this, green is the color of spring, red the color of summer, white the color of autumn, and black the color of winter. The fashion here revolves around these colors throughout the year. Western clothes have also entered the culture, with jeans, skirts, and other forms of dresses widely see on the streets.
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  • The traditional designs for men include embroidered clothes with unique designs, like phoenixes, dragons, and lightening. The men in Hong Kong also wear the traditional long gown.


  • When traveling, it's often best to pack clothes for layering. Hong Kong is no exception to this rule of thumb, especially since in the hottest times of the year you will often find air conditioning indoors (and on many of the newer ferries) to be cranked up towards freezing. During the wettest times of the year, it can rain almost non-stop for days.
  • If travelling to Hong Kong
    • in January, pack clothes for rain, sun and cold.
    • In the wet season, June through August, pack for even more rain.
    The weather is often unpredictable, so carrying a light jacket, large scarf may be advisable. The MTR system can be warm, so be prepared to shed or don a layer regularly!
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  • Because of the heat, many residents prefer to carry umbrellas, rather than a rain coat or parka. You'll see residents carrying umbrellas even on sunny days as they use their umbrellas to also protect themselves from the sun.
  • A note on this: be cautious on the street when there are umbrellas about -- it's quite common here for people to find umbrella tips on collision courses with their eyes, faces, and other body parts!
  • If you don't want to pack an umbrella, they are available to buy cheaply in the 7Eleven and CircleK shops dotted about, and at many market stalls in the streets. As you enter shopping malls, restaurants, shops, and museums, umbrella bags (long thin plastic bags) and stands are often available to store your drolly in whilst browsing.
  • To fit in with the thousands of other tourists on the streets, wear casual trainers and jeans. Jeans, however, may be a bit uncomfortable during the hottest parts of the year. During the business day, you will see residents wearing everything from formal business clothing to highly fashionable clothing of all types to casual day-wear. Weekends find more people dressed quite casually, including a lot of flip-flops and shorts.
  • Ensure you keep your valuables in sight at all times - ideally wear a shoulder bag across your front as the MTR and streets are extremely crowded.
  • If you are intending to wash clothing out and hang it to dry during your Hong Kong trip, especially during the wet season, remember that it can take up to three days for some fibers to start feeling dry, and even then it will still feel damp to the touch. High-tech fabrics that are specifically made to dry quickly are best for this sort of care in Hong Kong.
  • If you are planning on exploring Hong Kong during the wet season (especially the outlying islands), synthetic shoes that dry quickly or that are impervious to water may be most practical. You will find that many street vendors will sell inexpensive flip-flops, Crocs (or Croc copies), and other synthetic material shoes that allow water to drain away quickly, so you may always choose to purchase the extra shoes in Hong Kong rather than taking up room in your luggage with another pair of shoes.
  • You will also sometimes see residents on densely wooded islands such as Lamma wearing fashion-print Wellies (tall rubber boots), which have the added advantage of protecting ankles and calves from snakebite!
  • Do remember that Hong Kong clothing shops don't always carry too many sizes over the Asian norm. If you are bigger than these sizes, you may have difficulties finding clothing to fit you, so do pack what you will need. If you find that you do need something in a larger size, larger department stores (such as Marks and Spencers) reliably carry larger sizes for both men and women.
  • Also, be aware that what's out on the rack may not be what's in the store - if you need another size than what's on the rack, don't be shy: ask a salesperson for your size -- many stores have a much bigger range of sizes in their back storerooms.

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