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  • Belgium capital / capital of Belgium - Brussels
  • Belgium population / population of Belgium - 1 January 2016 census 11,250,585
  • Belgium people - Belgian
  • Belgium language - Dutch, French, German
  • Belgium currency - Euro (€) (EUR)
  • Job search in Belgium requires more than just the obvious Belgium CV writing and translation - it requires careful preparation.
  • You will face issues that probably did not even cross your mind when you start planning to go for a job in Belgium.
  • Do not misjudge the large impact they can have on the result of your adventure! For example, you will experience the different immigration rules and practices, job application procedures, the selection trends and the management culture.


 belgium traditional clothing
  • Traditional Belgian clothing is now only worn on special occasions at festivals, such as the Shrove Tuesday Carnival in Binche.
  • This event is the closest demonstration of traditional ethnic clothing and imitates the Wallonia region's traditional costume.
  • The smock and beret are popular apparel worn by belgian men, and the classic huntress dress is favored by Belgian women.
  • Traditional Belgian styles for belgian men and belgian women are modeled after the French clothing style, which was influenced by the French occupation during World War II.
  • Flanders and Brussels have their own variations.
  • Worn as a wedding dress today, the costume features Celtic-edged trimming on the sleeves and ties that are decorated with colorfully hued beads.
  • Young Belgian boys wore dresses up until the 1900s, and both belgian men and boys wore tunics until the 19th century.
  • Boys often paired pantalettes with both the tunics and dresses.
  • belgian men's tailored suits did not become popular until the 19th century.
  • Belgian traditional garb is often worn at Belgium's many festivals, such as the Cat Festival in Ypres.
  • During medieval times, the town was plagued by rats.
  • To alleviate the problem, cats were placed inside the municipality to get rid of the rodents.
  • However, the number of cats became nearly as prolific as the population of rats.
  • Therefore, people began tossing the felines off the top of the highest buildings.
  • The festival highlights the re-enactment with stuffed toy cats today.
  • Located in the central part of Europe, Belgium is considered to be a low country, as much of the land is located below sea level.
  • The Walloons and the Flemish are the two main groups of people who call Belgium home.


  • French culture dominates Belgian traditional dress, as Belgium has been heavily inhabited by the French, Dutch and Flemish.
  • The diverse ethnic groups in modern Belgium each have their own versions of a national costume.
belgium costume
  • In rural areas of Belgium, visitors can still see some of the older women wearing traditional dark dresses with white apronsHuntress style dresses were popular among Belgian women and are still used as wedding dresses.
  • The Eponin was also popular.
  • It was a slimming dress with a narrow waist and stitched with fully lined cotton twill.
  • It had a square neck and a matching trim.
  • Also, knee pants were popular among boys and school children would regularly wear smocks.


  • Black is always a popular color, and smart casual clothes will help you fit right in.
  • Jeans are always popular and will serve as a versatile base to your wardrobe.
  • Wear them with cool layers such as camisoles and cardigan for the summer, or warmer ones
belgium clothing style
  • e.g. a long sleeved shirt and sweater in the winter.
  • If visiting public swimming pools, belgian men are expected to wear Speedo style trunks rather than shorts; you may not be allowed in without them.
  • For great versatile travel jackets with multiple pockets


  • It is important to demonstrate at the job interview good appearance as well as good manners.
  • Dress conservatively and professionally.

FOR belgian menS

  • belgian men wear dark suits and ties.

FOR belgian WOMENS

  • belgian women wear suits, dresses or skirts and blouses with simple accessories.
belgium interview dress code
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  • Caps, bandannas, athletic shoes, sweats, unkempt clothes, jeans, singlets, open shoes and thongs are never acceptable.
  • If the wind was blowing, comb your hair before making first contact at the reception. Do not carry a water bottle or coffee mug.
  • Carry only a slim folder holding your job application documents and CVs.
  • Do not chew anything. Do not put your hands in your pockets, yawn and scratch or use toothpicks in public.


  • In a Belgian working environment, clothing is rather formal, not extremely high fashion, but elegant in a more traditional sense.
  • belgian men are expected to wear dark suits and ties, while belgian women wear slacks to work.
  • When invited to a Belgian's home, you do not necessarily have to dress this formal.
belgian fashion brands


  • Belgians tend to dress in the 'smart casual' mode as in many other European countries.
  • Being conservative in nature, colors tend to be subdued with ties usually worn in the office environment.
  • belgian women will also wear 'smart casual' business attire with trousers being viewed as acceptable in the commercial environment.
  • In many 'new' industries, a more casual approach will be taken - and jeans and T-shirts can be seen in some offices.

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