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  • Brazil people - Brazilian
  • Brazil capital / capital of Brazil - Brasília
  • Brazil language - Portuguese
  • Brazil population / population of Brazil - 2016 estimate 206,440,850
  • Brazil currency - Real (R$) (BRL)
  • Brazil is the largest country in South America and fifth largest in the world.
  • Famous for its football (soccer) tradition and its annual Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife and Olinda.
  • It is a country of great diversity, from the bustling urban mosaic of São Paulo to the infinite cultural energy of Pernambuco and Bahia, the wilderness of the Amazon rainforest and world-class landmarks such as the Iguaçu Falls, there is plenty to see and to do in Brazil.
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  • It is important to demonstrate at an interview good appearance as well as good manners. Many Brazilians are very fashion conscious.
  • Appearance counts. Your clothing will reflect upon you.
  • Dress neatly and professionally for all interviews, even for service-related positions.
  • In business situations, men should wear conservative dark suits, shirts and ties. Three-piece suits indicate executives; two-piece suits indicate office workers.
  • brazillian women should wear feminine dresses, suits and pantsuits and avoid "dressing like a man."
  • Men usually wear gray, dark blue or brown suits, white or light blue shirts and conservative plain ties or ties with small patterns.
  • Shoes should be classic in dark colors matching the outfit.
  • Avoid wearing ties with drawings and figures or that are too colorful.
  • For Brazilians, they give the impression that you are not projecting a serious image.
  • Brazilian women dress "sexy" in all situations, whether business, formal or casual. Foreign women who want to blend in should avoid wearing overly formal, conservative attire.
  • brazillian women prefer dresses in blue or pastel colors with black or brown leather shoes. Closed flat shoes or moderately high-heels are recommended.
  • Avoid eye-catching accessories and wear only discreet jewelry.
  • Usually wear just a wedding ring or engagement ring. It is preferable for brazillian women to look simple, without much jewelry or accessories.
  • Wearing light colors is not recommended, as this is not the tropical country.
  • In the summer, you might dress more casually.
  • During this time, pants and short-sleeved shirts for men and more casual dresses for brazillian women are widespread. Avoid shorts.
  • Perfume or after-shave should never be strong.
  • Fragrances may offend the interviewer or cause an allergic reaction.
  • Nails should be manicured.
  • Shoes should be stylish, polished and well kept.
  • Caps, bandannas, athletic shoes, sweats, unkempt clothes, jeans, singlets, open shoes and thongs are never acceptable.
  • If the wind was blowing, comb your hair before making first contact at the reception.
  • Do not carry a water bottle or coffee mug.
  • Carry only a slim folder holding your job application documents and CVs.
  • Do not chew anything.


  • During the last three decades, Brazil has increased its concern with appearance.
  • This article will give you some simple guidelines about how to dress for business occasions in Brazil.
  • More and more Brazilian people are using the advent of plastic surgery.
  • In a context like this, appearance becomes a crucial aspect, a code that determines who is going to succeed and who is going to fail.
  • The way you dress has to comply your position: in Brazil it is a common sense to believe that a manager should wear a suit, or that a secretary should be neatly dressed-up.
  • Overall, there is the idea that if you are well dressed, then you deserve to be respected.
  • This concept also applies to business meetings and what you are wearing tells a lot about who you are, your position and even about how serious your intentions are.
  • Having that in mind, we selected some very useful information for those who are planning on having a business meeting in Brazil.


Many companies are known for keeping a conservative trend and this is reflected on what people wear.These companies tend to be very strict about what is acceptable on a working environment, so it is important to follow some general conventions:

Guidelines for men attending formal meetings in Brazil:

  • Wear a formal suit with a tie
  • Vests and pockets watches should be avoided
  • Make sure your dress-shirt is neat and that your suit is free of wrinkles
  • Your suit must fit well, it should not be tight or baggy
  • Give preference to the dark colors

Guidelines for brazillian women attending formal meetings in Brazil:

  • You should wear suits or dresses that are feminine and elegant.
  • Good quality accessories are always welcome
  • You should have your hair up or in a ponytail. Some people in Brazil believe that letting the hair down is not appropriate for formal situations
  • Manicures are expected


Modern industries may not have a strict dress code like conservative companies do, but it doesn't mean that there isn't a code at all. If you're not sure about what to wear, pay attention to the industry dress code in Brazil.

Guidelines for men attending casual meetings in Brazil:

  • Suits should be avoided.
  • A nice pair of slacks, a dress-shirt and a belt are enough
  • You should not look untidy, but you also don't want to out-dress your host
  • There is no need to wear a tie
  • Leave about two buttons open in your dress-shirt, showing hair chest is not appropriate
  • Make sure you don't button your dress-shirt all the way to the top, as this is a sign of formality

Guidelines for brazillian women attending casual meetings in Brazil:

  • It is important not to wear jeans. Use a nice skirt or a pair of slacks instead
  • For the top, keep it plain and simple


  • It's common to advice foreigners to blend into the crowd when visiting Brazil. Some business people seems to misinterpret the advice.
  • Don't put on your beachwear (if you are not on the beach) but dress fancy to blend in.
  • Be careful with the accessories: men should avoid expensive watches and brazillian women should avoid extravagant jewelry as this is popular objects for street robbery.


  • Brazil's national dress consists of generally casual yet comfortable clothing, including jeans for brazillian women and flip flops for men.
  • Dress in Brazil is stylish and unique, with a sense of individuality.
  • Casual wear in Brazil caters towards showing skin, particularly for brazillian women.
  • For this reason, many Brazilian women wear jeans that fit snugly and that often have a design along the side, in addition to sequins.
  • Men generally prefer comfortable and stylish dress shoes, as well as slacks and shirts.
  • Due to Brazil's warm temperatures, many shirts and slacks feature a lightweight material for breathability, such as cotton.
  • In a business setting, men tend to wear dark, conservative colors, particularly when in a higher-level position.
  • brazillian women generally wear suits or fashionable dresses in the workplace, along with manicured hands.


  • Traditional Brazilian clothing varies depending on both location and profession.
  • For example, gauchos, or cowboys, will wear ponchos, baggy pants called "bombachas," wide-brimmed straw hats and sturdy boots, and cowherds, or vaqueiros, wear leather chaps with a coat and hat.
  • One will see traditional clothing in the countryside, while areas with a heavier population tend to show more modern clothing styles.
  • Amerindians, native Brazilians who live in the Amazon, wear minimal clothing, just simple tunics.
  • Instead of embellishing their clothing, the Amerindians instead choose to decorate their bodies with body paint and intricate hairstyles.
  • In urban areas, both men and brazillian women prefer modern Western clothing.
  • Jeans are popular for both sexes, and the preferred fit is tight and tapered down through the leg.
  • Often the jeans are embellished with sequins or embroidery.
  • Brazilian women are proud of their bodies and prefer shirts such as halters.
  • They also wear dresses and skirts that are tight-fitting and stop just above the knee, sometimes mid-thigh.
  • When it comes to business attire, women dress business formal but in a way that also showcases their feminine side.
  • This includes tailored suits and stylish dresses. Their clothes tend toward crafted and colorful patterns.


  • When packing, keep in mind that cities like Rio and São Paulo are big, fashionable, cosmopolitan cities and you will feel more at home if you avoid baggy jeans in favor of a smarter casual look.
  • Don't be afraid to wear bright colors - they'll fit right in.
  • Our advice would be to pack a jacket or wrap, as the buildings and restaurants can be a little over-enthusiastic with the air conditioning.
  • Brazilians love the beach - it's almost a religion and appearance really matters to them. It's considered ultra-cool to wear the tiniest bikinis and trunks.
  • If you want to look cool and really fit in on the beach, take a sarong to lie on rather than a beach towel; only tourists swim, and Brazilians head to the beach to socialize not lie down with a good book.
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen (we love the Riemann P20 range for 10 hour protection), and remember sunglasses and a sunhat.

CLOTHING TIPS FOR brazillian women

  • Although skimpy swimwear is the trend, be warned - going naked or topless is a definite no-no.
  • If you visit any religious sites, make sure you cover your shoulders and avoid anything too revealing.
  • A few well-chosen pieces of costume jewelry will transform any outfit.
  • And a pashmina is a versatile piece that will dress up any outfit, as well as keep off a chill or cover you for modesty.
  • The humidity can play havoc with your hair - so think about accessories or a scarf to keep it looking neat and tidy.
  • If you are here on business most women wear dresses or skirts.


  • For versatile and stylish beachwear, try the Madda Fella range of shirts, shorts, polos and swimwear.
  • If you are here on business a collar and tie still dominate.
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