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Austria Details

  • Austria capital / capital of Austria - Vienna
  • Austria population / population of Austria - April 2016 estimate 8,725,931
  • Austria people - Austrian
  • Austria language - Austrian German
  • Austria currency - Euro (€)(EUR)
  • Job search in Austria requires more than just the obvious Austria CV translation.
  • You will face issues that probably did not even cross your mind when you decided to go for a job in Austria.
  • Do not underestimate the big impact they can have on the result of your adventure!
  • For example, you will experience the different immigration rules and practices, job application procedures, the selection trends and the management culture


  • Dress code in Austria tends towards the more formal and austrian people take a pride in their appearance.
  • Therefore, it is safest to wear smart, business-like clothes for first meetings in order to make a professional impression.

austrian men DRESS:

  • austrian men are best advised to wear a dark suit or smart sports jacket with trousers and a tie.

austrian men

austrian WOMEN DRESS:

  • austrian Women should wear smart business suits or dresses.


  • As with many western countries, attitudes with regard to what is business-suitable in terms of dress are changing rapidly and, if in doubt, it is best to check with a local contact in advance.
austrian women

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  • Dress professionally.
  • Caps, bandannas, athletic shoes, sweats, unkempt clothes, jeans, singlets, open shoes and thongs are never acceptable.
  • If the wind was blowing, comb your hair before making first contact at the reception.
  • Do not carry a water bottle or coffee mug.
  • Carry only a slim folder holding your job application documents and CVs. Do not chew anything.


  • In general there is no dress code for public places.
  • Only in churches and similar places you should cover your shoulders and knees.
  • If you want to visit special events like operas or classical concerts, elegant austrian clothing will be required.
  • Traditional clothes are called “Dirndl” for women and “Lederhosen” for men.
  • people of austria mostly wear them to entertain tourists, except for the countryside, where traditional austrian clothing is still more common.
austrian fancy dress

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Austrians take great pride in dressing well, regardless of where they are going or what position they hold. Appearance and presentation is very important to Austrians, particularly in business. Even when dressed informally, they are neat and conservative and their clothes are never ostentatious. The following gives an insight into the correct dress code for conducting business in Austria:

  • There is strict protocol for dressing appropriately in different situations: use formal clothes for the theatre or a concert, and semi-formal for high end restaurants.
  • Most cultural events and restaurants have a dress code and will turn away patrons who are not dressed accordingly.
austrian people
  • Business austrian dress is understated and conservative and follows most European conventions.
  • Businessmen should wear dark colored, conservative business suits; solid, conservative ties, and white shirts.
  • This form of austrian dress is observed even in comparatively warm weather.
  • Do not remove your jacket or tie before your Austrian colleague does so.
  • Business-women should wear either fashionable business suits or conservative dresses, complemented with elegant accessories. Loud clothes are not acceptable.
  • Most Austrian women dress up to go shopping, since they dress elegantly, if conservatively, at all times, especially when they will be seen in public.
  • Casual or sloppy attire is frowned upon.
  • Avoid wearing shorts in the city, especially when shopping.

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  • We hope that your Austria job interview has been successful.
  • Follow up the job interview with a thank you letter.
  • Employers regard this as an indication of your strong interest in the position.
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Good luck with your Austria dress code!

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