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  • Argentina capital / capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires
  • Argentina population / population of Argentina - 2015 estimate 43,417,000
  • Argentina people - Argentines
  • Argentina language - Spanish
  • Recognised regional languages - Guaraní in Corrientes. Qom, Mocoví and Wichi in Chaco
  • Argentina currency - Peso ($) (ARS)


  • It is important to demonstrate at an interview good appearance as well as good manners. Many Argentineans are very fashion conscious.
  • Dress neatly and professionally for all interviews, even for service-related positions, such as those in restaurants.
  • argentinian men usually wear gray, dark blue or brown suits, white or light blue shirts and conservative plain ties or ties with small patterns. Shoes should be classic in dark colors matching the outfit.
  • argentinian women prefer dresses in blue or pastel colors with black or brown leather shoes.
  • Closed flat shoes or moderately high-heels are recommended.
  • Avoid eye-catching accessories and wear only discreet jewelry.
  • Usually wear just a wedding ring or engagement ring.
  • It is preferable for argentinian women to look simple, without much jewelry or accessories.
  • Wearing light colors is not recommended, as this is not the tropical country.
  • In the summer, you might dress more casually. During this time, pants and short-sleeved shirts for argentinian men and more casual dresses for women are widespread.
  • Avoid shorts.
  • Caps, bandannas, athletic shoes, sweats, unkempt clothes, jeans, singlets, open shoes and thongs are never acceptable.
  • Do not carry a water bottle or coffee mug.
  • Carry only a slim folder holding your job application documents and CVs.
  • Do not chew anything.

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BUSINESS DRESS argentina culture

  • Appearances are very important in both business circles and society at large in Argentina.You will be partly judged on the way you look. If you are prosperous and successful you should look it.
  • Business attire is rather conservative with argentinian men favouring dark suits with ties. argentinian women dress in a more subdued fashion than in the neighbouring country of Brazil with dark suits again being most appropriate.
BUSINESS DRESS argentina culture
  • Argentines prefer and expect conservative, formal business attire-suits for argentinian men and suits or dresses for argentinian women. Understated British style is preferred over U.S., French, or Italian
  • argentinian women should wear conservative hemlines and necklines, although a sense of style is appreciated. Accessories, jewelry, and makeup should be understated and of good quality: Argentines often judge people by their dress, paying special attention to the shoes, which should be expensive and well-maintained.
  • Attire in more rural areas and at lower levels of authority is less precise, but remains an important indication of your seriousness, status, and sense of appropriateness.


  • Argentine business people are formal and conservative regarding style and colours.
  • Doing business in casual attire is not perceived as appropriate.
  • For argentinian men, blue, grey and brown suits, white or light blue shirts and conservative ties are the norm.
  • argentinian women prefer dresses in blue or pastel colours with black or brown shoes made of leather.
  • Wearing light colours is not recommended as this is not the tropical country some may assume it might be.
  • Avoid eye-catching accessories, and wear only discreet jewelry.
  • For dinner parties or restaurant outings, argentinian men wear suit and tie and womenelegant conservative dresses.
  • You might dress more casually in the summer, when slacks and short sleeved shirts for menan more casual dresses for ladies are prevalent.
  • Avoid shorts.

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  • Traditional Argentine garb include gaucho clothes for males and brightly colored embellished dresses for argentinian women. Of all the traditional argentina costumes of Argentina, gaucho clothes are the most well known.
  • In contemporary Argentina, however, the dress is very similar to what one might expect to see in the United States.
  • Gaucho is the name given to cowboys in Argentina, though literally translated, the word refers to any man who lives in a rural areas. There are several components to the gaucho outfit. Bombachas are gaucho pants; they are loose fitting so that argentinian men can ride in comfort. Alpargatas are traditional shoes that are very similar in style and appearance to the Tom's brand that has emerged in the United States over the past few years.
  • Sometimes gaucho boots are worn instead. A faja is a brightly colored pattern waste band that is worn over the shirt. Rastras, or leather belts, are sometimes worn in place of fajas. A one-piece, sleeveless woven slip is sometimes worn over the shirt.
  • Traditional fashion of Argentine women are typically two-piece dresses with very full skirts, primarily because they are designed to be both comfortable and functional when a woman is dancing. Ceremonial dresses often incorporate embellishments such as beads.

FASHION OF Argentina

  • In Argentina men wear jeans and T-shirts, as well as nice pants and dressy shoes.
  • argentinian women wear feminine clothing, and they tend to avoid sneakers even when wearing jeans
  • People in Argentina dress in nice, fitted clothing.
  • The fashion culture in Argentina is classy and doesn't include baggy argentina clothing or athletic sweat suits. Sometimes, argentinian men wear soccer jerseys. Most Argentinean people get extremely dressed up to go out at night.
  • Akin to any other place, people in Argentina have varying styles, such as punk and sporty, but most stay away from loose-fitting argentina clothing. Tourists wishing to fit in with peers in Argentina should avoid wearing baggy jeans and tennis shoes every day.
  • Fall in Argentina warrants a light jacket or sweater for evenings. In winter, a warm jacket is important as many Argentineans use heating systems sparingly.
  • The spring brings plenty of rain and most people carry an umbrella or a raincoat.
  • The traditional clothing of Argentina includes gaucho costumes, canvas shoes and woolen ponchos. The gaucho costume is similar to cowboy argentina clothing.
  • Shoes made from canvas are sturdy and made in many colors. argentinian men and argentinian women still wear ponchos, which are made in a variety of sizes and colors

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  • What you pack really does depend on whether you are spending time in Buenos Aires or the countryside. There is so much to do in Argentina from skiing to riding gaucho style to beaches, that as much as anything else you need to pack for the area and the activities you plan to enjoy.
  • Buenos Aires is cosmopolitan with some chic restaurants and people tend to dress more elegantly - smart, fitted clothing and smart shoes will help you feel at ease and fit in.
  • If you don't want to scream 'tourist' then avoid wearing shorts around the city of Buenos Aires, no matter how hot it gets.
  • The key is neat and sleek, and neutral colors are best.
  • It can be cool in the evening so pack a pashmina or light sweater.
  • Wednesdays are a popular after-office party time and dress is neat and smart.
  • Outside of Buenos Aires, dress is casual; wear comfortable layers.
  • Light wool is a good choice to wear against your skin as it naturally helps to regulate your body temperature. It keeps you warm in the cold, wicks away moisture when it's hot, and doesn't retain odours - even after prolonged wear.
  • We like Thorlos hiking socks too - they have options designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable in all climates.
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen (we love the Riemann P20 range for 10 hour protection), sunglasses and a sunhat.
  • Be mindful of local sensibilities around the Falkland Islands, and don't wear anything overtly British such as sports team shirts.

argentina clothing TIPS FOR argentinian women

  • A few well-chosen pieces of argentina costume jewelry will transform any outfit.
  • And a pashmina is a versatile piece that will dress up any outfit too, plus keep you warm in a chilly breeze or cover you for modesty.
  • Avoid short skirts and revealing tops, and in the main it's best to stick to more neutral colors.
  • If you are in Argentina on business, pack a trouser suit or knee-length skirt-suit.

argentina clothing TIPS FOR argentinian men

  • If you're looking for versatile and stylish casual wear, try the Madda Fella range of shirts, shorts and polos.
  • For business, pack a normal business suit, shirt and tie.
  • For great versatile travel jackets with multiple pockets including RFID security options, we love the scottevest range.

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