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  • France people - French
  • France capital / capital of France - Paris
  • France language - French
  • France population / population of France - Total 2017 estimate 66,991,000
  • France currency - Euro (EUR), CFP franc (XPF)
  • The word dress code is an oral expression used to describe a society’s clothing norms. These clothing norms are not the same in the five continents, even though western standards are usually considered as references.
  •  Choosing clothes, wearing them and gathering them represent exterior signs that convey visible messages.
french dress
  • These signs are related to gender, social, professional, cultural, political, ethnic, or religious status; but they also express an orientation, an opinion regarding fashion, comfort, traditions, marital status, personal trends, and somebody’s identity.
  • Beyond their comfort and functionality, clothes convey an image.
  • All the societies give rise to local clothing trends that handle and create social clothing standards. Respecting, turning from, or overstepping these standards also represent messages sent to the social group. When the trends change, the standards also change as well as the messages conveyed by the clothes. Then, it is important that the message sent matches with the message perceived.
  • Choosing a good dress code has to be done wisely: it is important to understand one’s environment. It is essential to respect it.

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  • It is important to demonstrate at the job interview good appearance as well as good manners.
  • Do your research. Find out what their employees wear and then dress as they are or nicer than that.
  • Behave and dress very formally in France.
  • Men wear conservative suits and ties.

traditional french outfit
  • Women wear conservative suits, pantsuits or dresses with minimum of make-up and jewelry.
  • Caps, bandannas, athletic shoes, sweats, unkempt clothes, jeans, singlets, open shoes and thongs are never acceptable. If the wind was blowing, comb your hair before making first contact at the reception.
  • Do not carry a water bottle or coffee mug. Carry only a slim folder holding your job application documents and CVs. Do not chew anything.
france dresss code for job interviews


  • France is considered by many to be one of the most fashion-forward countries in the world, and has been for many years.
  • Indeed, the design houses in Paris continue to put out benchmark menswear on a regular basis, some of which makes it over to America in short order and helps to further influence the country’s style.
  • Business dress in France may not differ much to those of other countries around the world, but there’s no getting around the fact that it fits in nicely with the country’s fashion aesthetic.
  • French businessmen are expected to look their best in just about any professional scenario that they find themselves in, which helps to connote confidence and professionalism.
  • The following are just a few things that help to better characterize the way businessmen dress in France, all of which those who are traveling to or planning to live in the country should take into consideration.

Conservative Suits

  • One of the most important things to understand about business dress in France is that it tends to be quite understated, with sleek, subtle style taking the forefront. Businessmen in France tend to wear conservative suits that feature a moderately-slim cut, and are meant more to frame the man then to add excessive amounts of flair to his appearance.

french clothing pictures
  • More often than not, business suits in this country are relatively dark in color, with stark-white dress shirts being worn underneath. The result is a look that most people would consider to be highly professional, yet not necessarily something that is meant to turn heads. As one might expect, the business-casual look that has become so popular in America provides a stark contrast to the conservative dress that is the norm for business professionals in France, those who travel to the country should always keep this in mind.

Jackets Stay On

  • Perhaps the most difficult thing for Americans to understand about French businessmen is that jackets almost always stay on inside the office. In America, jackets are often taken off once one enters the office, and sometimes even before relatively important meetings.
  • In France, however, this is considered to be a sign of an utter lack of professionalism, and is to be avoided at all costs. Not only do jackets tend to stay on, but French businessmen will rarely loosen their ties the way Americans so often do; an important thing to note for those who conduct business in this country on even an occasional basis. The goal in France is to dress in a way that connotes confidence, and in-formalities simply aren’t going to do the trick most of the time.

Avoid Bright Colors

  • When choosing professional business attire to be worn in France, bright colors should be avoided. Unlike in other countries (Spain, for example), colorful business attire simply has no place in France, and wearing it will almost always cause you to stand out for the wrong reasons.
  • Patterns can be quite effective when properly worn, however; pinstripes tend to be nearly as popular as solids in the country. Just be sure you’re leaving suits that feature bright colors in the closet, as they have no place in French offices.
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Traditional Dress In France

traditional dress of France
  • The traditional dress in France depends on the region, but consists of items like lace-trimmed blouses, aprons with colorful flowers and white, flared bonnets. The one thing that France's regional costumes have in common is that they are all based on late 18th century rural clothing.
  • In general, traditional men's clothing in France consists of six basic pieces. The chemise is a linen undershirt, and culottes are knee-length pants. Men wear a pair of hose, or knee-high socks, and mitasses are protective garters worn atop the lower legs. A guillette is a small, short vest worn over the chemise, and the capote or justacorp is a heavy coat with large cuffs worn over the entire outfit.
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  • Traditional French women's clothing have four basic pieces. A chemise is worn under everything, and is comparable to an underskirt or shift. A jupon is similar to a skirt, and more than one is worn to indicate wealth and status. French women wear a mantlet, or a short waistcoat, on top as a shirt. The outfit is finished off by a fichu, which is a square piece of cloth used modesty scarf and is worn around the neck and shoulders. Nearly all traditional French women's outfits are topped off by some type of cap or other head wear.

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