Wordpress Themes

Wordpress - Themes

  • Themes have set of images, styles and scripts to make your web site attractive.
  • The Appearance Themes Screen allows you to manage your Themes. That means you can install, preview, delete Themes, activate, and update Themes.

Following are the steps to Theme Management.

 Wordpress Appearance Screen

Learn WordPress - WordPress tutorial - Wordpress Appearance Screen - WordPress examples - WordPress programs

  1. Click Appearance->Themes from dashboard. Next, you will get the following page.
 Wordpress Themes

Learn WordPress - WordPress tutorial - Wordpress Themes - WordPress examples - WordPress programs

Theme Selection

 Themes Selection

Learn WordPress - WordPress tutorial - Themes Selection - WordPress examples - WordPress programs

  1. Hovering your mouse over any themes will provide you the theme details. By clicking on the themes you will get the brief details about that particular themes.

Themes Details :

  • When you click on Theme Detail the below page appears. It consists of details related to the theme.
 Theme Details

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Theme Details - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  1. Twenty Fifteen version 1.5 stats the version of that theme.
  2. Description about theme.
  3. If you want to add this theme to your page/website then click on Activate, and if you want to just check the theme then click on Live preview.
  4. Click this to delete the theme completely. The Theme files and folders will be completely deleted, so if you have made any customizations to that Theme.

Customize :


Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Customize - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  1. Click customize option to customize the themes.

Customizing themes :

 Customizing Themes

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Customizing Themes - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  • At the left side of the page you can find options to customize your themes.
  • Any changes you make or anything new you add is displayed on the right side of the page.

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