[Solved-5 Solutions] How does facebook disable the browser’s integrated developer tools - javascript tutorial


How does facebook disable in the browser’s by using an integrated developer tools ?

Solution 1:

Some users to see if it can slow down some attacks where users are tricked pasting JavaScript code into the browser console. Block hackers to try in the client-side. This protect against a specific social engineering attack.
Chrome wraps all console code:

with ((console && console._commandLineAPI) || {}) {
  <code goes here>

The site as redefines console._commandLineAPI to throw:

Object.defineProperty(console, '_commandLineAPI',
   get : function() 
     throw 'Nooo!' 

The console from user-side JS was a bug and fixed the issue.

Solution 2:

In the script, Using Chrome developer tools.

Object.defineProperty(window, "console", {
    value: console,
    writable: false,
    configurable: false

var i = 0;
function showWarningAndThrow() {
    if (!i) {
        setTimeout(function () {
            console.log("%cWarning message", "font: 2em sans-serif; color: yellow; background-color: red;");
        }, 1);
        i = 1;
    throw "Console is disabled";

var l, n = {
        set: function (o) {
            l = o;
        get: function () {
            return l;
Object.defineProperty(console, "_commandLineAPI", n);
Object.defineProperty(console, "__commandLineAPI", n);

In the console auto-complete to be fails. While statements typed in console will fail to execute (the exception will be logged).

Solution 3:

Triggering couldn't be occur on any page.

window.console.log = function(){
    console.error('The developer console is temp...');
    window.console.log = function() {
        return false;


Solution 4:

To implements a Netflix in this feature:

(function() {
    try {
        var $_console$$ = console;
        Object.defineProperty(window, "console", {
            get: function() {
                if ($_console$$._commandLineAPI)
                    throw "Sorry, for security reasons, the script console is deactivated on netflix.com";
                return $_console$$
            set: function($val$$) {
                $_console$$ = $val$$
    } catch ($ignore$$) {

An overriding the console._commandLineAPI to throw security error.

Solution 5:

This solution is very simple.

  Object.getOwnPropertyNames(console).filter(function(property) {
     return typeof console[property] == 'function';
  }).forEach(function (verb) {
     console[verb] =function(){return 'Sorry, for security reasons...';};

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