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  • Brazil people - Brazilian
  • Brazil capital / capital of Brazil - Brasília
  • Brazil language - Portuguese
  • Brazil population / population of Brazil - 2016 estimate 206,440,850
  • Brazil currency - Real (R$) (BRL)
  • Job search in Brazil demand more than Brazil visa application and just the obvious Brazil cover letter and Brazil CV writing and translation - it requires thorough preparation.
  • You will be confronted with problems that in all probability did not even cross your mind when you become interested in Brazil jobs.
brazil visa
  • Do not take too lightly the influence a Brazil visa can have on your adventure! For example, you will experience the unfamiliar immigration rules and practices, strange job application procedures, bizarre job selection trends and weird management culture.
  • Most visits to Brazil are trouble-free but you should be aware of the global risk of indiscriminate international terrorist attacks, which could be against civilian targets, including places frequented by foreigners


The Brazilian Government issues 10 different types of visa depending on your purpose of travel. Visas are categorized by type based on purpose of visit. The three categories are Tourist (VITUR), Temporary (VITEM), Permanent and Diplomatic/Official.

Tourist Visa (VITUR):

  • Tourism
  • Visit to relatives and/or friends;
  • Scientists, professors or researchers attending cultural, technological or scientific conferences, seminars.
  • Participation in artistic or amateur sport competitions, whenever no monetary prize or paid admission is involved.
  • Holders of tourist visas are not allowed to engage in any paid activity in Brazil.

Business Visa (VITEM-II):

  • Business visas are issued to travelers who possess signed import/export contracts or who are traveling to visit companies, make commercial contacts or evaluate investment opportunities.
  • Business purposes, except when the trip involves the provision of services of any nature in Brazil (in which case a Vitem V is mandatory).
  • Flight/ship crew members not holding an international crew card
  • Adoption of a Brazilian child.


Temporary Visa I (VITEM-I):

  • Scientists, professors, researchers, participants in cultural, technological or scientific missions. (services provided must not be paid for by a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil, except for wages for services rendered, with the submission of a receipt);
  • Scientists, technicians, researchers or volunteers under the umbrella of an international cooperation program;
  • Interns and other unpaid trainees, bearers of scholarships receiving professional practice in Brazil;
  • Exchange students;
  • Technicians receiving training in the operation and maintenance of machinery or equipment produced in Brazil;
  • Amateur athletes, under 21-year-old, participating in training programs in Brazil;
  • Provision of services to a religious or social assistance entity, without employment relationship with a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil.
  • (Temporary Visa I holders are not allowed to engage in any paid activity in Brazil.)

Temporary Visa II (VITEM-II):

  • Travelers with business purposes, except when the trip involves the provision of services of any nature in Brazil (in which case a Vitem V is mandatory).
  • Business visas are issued to business travelers who possess signed import/export contracts or who are traveling to visit companies, make commercial contacts or evaluate investment opportunities;
  • Media coverage or filming;
  • Flight/ship crew members not holding an international crew card (To apply for a Brazilian Flight Crew Visa.)
  • Adoption of a Brazilian child.

Temporary Visa III ( VITEM-III ):

  • Paid participation in athletic or performing arts events.

Temporary Student Visa IV ( VITEM-IV ):

  • Pursuing undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate academic studies in Brazil.

Temporary Visa V ( VITEM-V ):

  • Provision of services to the Brazilian Government, arising from an international agreement, contract or undertaking to which Brazil is a party;
  • Employment contract with a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil;
  • Technical assistance services arising from a contract, cooperation agreement, services agreement, or similar instrument signed with a foreign corporation or other legal entity;
  • Professional training, without an employment relationship, immediately after the completion of vocational training or university education;
  • Medical residency in an educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Education and Recreation;
  • Employees of foreign companies admitted to work in Brazil as trainees or interns at a subsidiary or Brazilian branch of the foreign company, provided that they are paid exclusively outside of Brazil by that foreign company;
  • Foreign instructors or professors who intend to travel to Brazil for a period of training in foreign language instruction;
  • Crew members of foreign vessels traveling to Brazil to operate in waters under Brazilian jurisdiction, as required under a charter, services or risk contract entered into with a Brazilian company;
  • Crew members of foreign fishing vessels leased by Brazilian companies;
  • Crew members or other professionals who perform paid activities aboard cruise vessels along the Brazilian coast, in the Amazon River basin, or in other inland waters.

Temporary Visa VI ( VITEM-VI ):

  • Media correspondents

Temporary Visa VII ( VITEM-VII ):

  • Travel for religious/missionary purposes.


  • Family reunion;
  • Transfer of residence following retirement;
  • Personal investment in Brazil;
  • Intra-company transferees to work as managers, directors, or executives;
  • Job offer at a Brazilian research, scientific, or academic organization based on field of expertise;
  • Manager or director of a religious or social assistance organization.


  • Diplomatic or Official mission.


  • Passport validity: Applicants’ passports must be valid for no less than 6 (six) months.
  • Filling out the form: Applicants are strongly advised to personally fill out their form, as to avoid the processing of wrong data, which may cause inconveniences with immigration authorities or law agencies in Brazil.
  • Document upload: The applicants' picture and signature, as well as other pertinent documents, must be uploaded prior to the handing of the application at the Consular Section.
  • Signing the form: The visa application form must be signed by the applicant. Forms signed by third parties, with or without powers-of-attorney, will not be accepted.
  • Plan ahead: Visa processing may take up to 10 (ten) working days, so plan accordingly. The Embassy does not provide “express” services.
  • Required documentation: Each visa request should have a cover letter signed by the applicant and addressed to the Embassy, giving all possible details of the proposed trip.
  • All communication from India addressed to the Embassy must be presented in their original versions.
  • Any photocopies of other documents submitted must be clear, legible and valid.
  • All letters presented to the Embassy from India and/or Brazil should have the name, designation, department and contact number below the signature of the authorized signatory.
  • If the applicant has previously held Brazilian visas, photocopies of the previous visas must be given along with the other documentation.
  • Photos should be recent and of good quality, sized 5cm x 4cm, front view, white background.
  • All facial features should be clearly visible.
  • Snapshots, computer pictures, and touched up photographs will not be accepted.
  • Be aware that the Embassy may request additional information/documentation as deemed necessary.
  • Paying for the visa: The Embassy of Brazil only accepts Visa Fees and other Consular Fees in the form of a nonrefundable single Bank Draft, equivalent to the Visa Fee, drawn in favor of “Embassy of Brazil – Consular”, payable in New Delhi. Since 20 May 2014, Brazil no longer charges processing fees for applications handed in by third parties, but all other visa fees will not be returned in the event your visa is not granted for whatever reason.
  • If you need more information.
  • Handing out the form: The completed form, your passport, the payment, and all of the required documentation must be handed to the Embassy within 30 (thirty) days of the date the form was completed.
  • A new application must be prepared if the applicant fails to hand in the form within this period.
  • Visa processing:The type of visa and its validity are decided by the Embassy. Both the type and the duration of a visa result from the assessment made by the Consular Section of the documentation presented by the applicant in support of the declared activities in Brazil.
  • However, information correctly provided by the applicant greatly speeds up the processing of applications, so pay attention to the requirements for the type of visa you are looking for.


Tourist  Visa fee Rs. 1600/-
Legalization of documents  Rs. 1600/-
Business  Visa Fee Rs. 4800/-
Legalization of documents Rs. 1600/-
Transit Visa - VITRA  Visa Fee Rs. 1600/-
Legalization of documents  Rs. 1600/-



  • To enter Brazil, a valid passport is required by all nationals.
  • The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of departure from Brazil and must have no less than one free page for necessary stamps upon arrival and departure.

Brazil Visa

  • Applying for a Brazil visa can take a lot of time.
  • Therefore, we recommend starting your preparations well in advance.
  • If you are travelling to Brazil as a tourist, you may not require a visa for a period up to 90 days.
  • Countries that do not require a visa include most of the European Union and Latin America.
  • Countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and Mexico, however, do require a visa for any purpose.
  • You will have to pay a fee that will vary from country to country. Tourist visa cost varies according to nationality and are in some cases based on reciprocity.
  • You will have to pay a fee that will vary from country to country.
  • A tourist visa costs $68.75 for nationals of Australia, $106.25 for nationals of Canada and nationals of the USA pay $200.00.
  • Tourist and transit visas are generally easy to get.
  • All other visas, which are either temporary or permanent, vary considerably in their duration and requirements, and they require a lot of paperwork and patience.
  • You must obtain your Brazilian visa in advance from the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate nearest to your place of residence. Visas cannot be obtained at the airport or port of entry.
  • There are no "airport visas" and immigration authorities will refuse entry into Brazil to anyone not possessing a valid visa.


  • The Consulate of Brazil requires a web-based visa application form. You must complete the application online.
  • Print out, complete and sign the one-page "visa form delivery receipt".
  • Gather the documents required for the specific type of visa that you are applying.
  • Original passport
  • Visa form delivery receipt
  • One recent 2x2"size photo:
brazilian passport
  • Photo of the front face, taken against a plain off-white or white background.
  • Only professionally taken photos are accepted.
  • Scanned pictures are not accepted.
  • It does not need to be signed on the back.
  • Please glue the photo to the application form covering the box in between bar codes. Do not staple it and do not use tape.
  • The photo not older than 6 months.
  • Letter from yourself - Signed letter explaining your itinerary, when you will be arriving and leaving Brazil, the purpose of your trip.
  • Evidence of funds to cover your expenses while in brazil regardless of the duration of your intended stay:
    • An official letter from the company you work for, stating your name and confirming your current position along with the most recent paystub (if applicable). Include a copy of the employment contract if possible.
    • AND one of the following:
    • Photocopy of a recent bank statement, with name of the account holder or
    • Copy of your latest notice of tax assessment.
    • Submit your application package to the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate nearest to your place of residence (by mail, third party or in person).
  • Tourist visa is valid normally 90 days from date of issue, although this is at the discretion of Brazilian immigration officials.
  • Tourist visas can be used for multiple entries within the period of validity.
  • Once in Brazil, you will be able to extend your stay for a further period of 90 days, provided that you submit application at least two weeks before the expiration of the visa.
  • Working without an appropriate visa or overstaying a visa is illegal; if caught, you may be subject to imprisonment, a fine and/or deportation.
  • You may also be barred from re-entry to that country.
  • Remember that while in Brazil, you are subject to local law.
  • Showing contempt to a Brazilian government official at the port of entry or elsewhere, is a serious offense.
  • All foreign travelers must fill out a small immigration form on arrival that will be stamped and handed back by immigration officials at the point of entry.
  • It is important to retain this form to hand back to immigration officials upon exit from the country.
  • According to the Brazilian Embassy’s website, visitors who lose this form will have to get clearance from the Brazilian Federal Police to leave the country and may have to pay a fine.
  • Additionally, if you have recently visited certain countries, including most other Latin American countries, you may be required to present an inoculation card indicating you had a yellow fever inoculation or you may not be allowed to board the plane or enter the country.
  • Check with the Brazilian Embassy for more information.
  • Check with your airline in case you have connecting flights overseas as part of your journey to Brazil.
  • It may be the case that countries you pass through end route to your destination may require a separate transit visa.


  • If your Brazil job search and application for the Brazil visa and Brazil work permit/visa have been successful, you should start preparing for the Brazil job interview.
  • Check the job interview tips do's and don'ts, and find out why people are not hired for available jobs.
  • In addition, on the international info, job search, visa, work permit, cover letter, CV & resume, job interview and dress code pages you will find many useful tips for overseas job seekers.

Good luck with your Brazil visa!

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