[Fix] - SharePoint 2013 Internet Explorer Crash ucrtbase.dll Office 2016

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Error : 

  • SharePoint 2013 Internet Explorer Crash ucrtbase.dll Office 2016


  • When I was trying to access a SharePoint 2013 Foundation site in Internet Explorer with Office 2016 installed, often the browser crashes on login. 
  • And it Gives an ucrtbase.dll as the faulting module
  • But when we try to access a Sharepoint 2013 foundation through any other web browser it shows no problem. 
  • Only with IE11 and Office 2016 this issue was occurs apart from that the following error happens across OS Versions, 10, 8, 7.


  • Since it works with other browser and it’s not working with IE (Internet Explorer). Most probably the issue is occurring in a browser.



  • Check inside the Browser Settings & Add-Ons:
  • Should be with the add ons installed in the machine.
  • Are else disable the "SharePoint Export Database Launcher" add-on.
  • And Check whether any additional extensions in our machine.

Fix2 :

  • Most probably this issue occurs in  Office 2016 issue with share point so Update the latest Office 2016.
  • Then Try out with system restore to roll back the last updates.

Fix3 :

  • It’s an Office compatible issue. so uninstall Office 2016 and reinstalled Office 2013 on one of our user's machines, and we can resolve this issue.

Fix4 :

  • Here i had to disable the "Office Document Cache Handler" add-on because that was the only enabled add-on I saw that seemed potentially relevant. 
  • After that Restart IE and it crashed again. 
  • Later on we went back to add-ons to re-enable Document Cache Handler, the SharePoint Export Database Launcher was now in the list. We disabled it and she didn't crash.

Fix5 :

  • Here we have an another fix to resolve this issue, have got the point of finding that disabling all add-ons with iexplore.exe -extoff now it was working.

Fix6 :

  • Simply Go to Start --> Control Panel--> Programs--> Programs and Features--> Microsoft Office Professional Plus 201X --> Right Click --> Change --> Repair

  • This rolls back the add-on to a previous version that is 100% functional. 


  • Here we list out some steps to resolve this issue
  • Run IE (Internet Explorer) in Safe Mode and see the outcome.
  • Open a 'Command Prompt' window
  • Type cd/ to get a blank C: prompt
  • Then Type following path “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -extoff (where C: is our local drive)


  • After that Clearing IE caches and perform a clean boot to see if there is any improvement by the following reference URL.


Fixes are applicable to the following versions of share point :

  • SharePoint 2013 
  • SharePoint 2016 
  • IE11 crash caused by SharePoint 
  • internet explorer - SharePoint 2013 IE
  • Internet Explorer 11 – SharePoint 2013

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