[Fix] - I accidentally disabled my speakers, how do I re-enable them

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Error :

  • I accidentally disabled my speakers, how do I re-enable them

Scenario :

  • I accidentally disabled my built-in speakers in the sound window.
  • Now I don't have any sound on my Laptop Whenever I open the "Sound" window, it says that there is "No audio output device installed".

Fix :

  • Right-click the speaker icon in the notification area (it should have a red X on it) 
  • Then Choose "Playback devices" 
  • After doing that, the Sound control panel should appear, doing so on the "Playback Devices" tab - there won't be any playback devices visible. 
  • Proceeding to the next step, we need to Right-click in the main area of the window where the devices would normally appear.
  • After this step, we need to Check the "Show Disabled Devices" option. 
  • At this particular point your speakers should re-appear, but will still be disabled.
  • Finally , Right-click the speakers and choose Enable.

Fixes are applicable to the following versions of windows :

  • accidentally disabled speaker’s windows 7
  • how to enable speakers in windows 10
  • i accidentally disabled my speaker’s windows 10
  • accidentally disabled headphones windows 10
  • how to re-enable speakers in windows 10

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