How disable TrimDuplicates in the search result webpart under SharePoint

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When I try to disable the checkbox in a SharePoint TrimDuplicates gone?


It was possible to enable or disable Trimduplicates in the Core Result Web Part of SharePoint 2010.


How disable TrimDuplicates in the search result webpart under SharePoint


1. Initially check the “Show View Duplicates link" checkbox in "Settings" of Search Results Web Part.

2. And note that contrast to SP2010(Share Point 2010), View duplicates link is located on hover panel, near the Open and Send.


Here we have the other fix to resolve this issue 

1. Add a standard search result webpart to a page

2. Export the webpart and save it on the disk

3. Edit the *.webpart file that was exported in notepad

4. Look for the text: "TrimDuplicates":true

5. Change it to: "TrimDuplicates":false

6. Save the file and import it as a new webpart.


1. Here is the fix which we have resolved for this problem generally in SharePoint 2013, the “Remove Duplicate Results” option has been removed, but we can use the “View Duplicates Link” option to enable it.

2. And the TrimDuplicates to specify whether to trim away the duplicate search results from the result set or not. TrimDuplicates is true by default.

3. If we want to disable this feature, we should export the web part and modify the 'TrimDuplicates' setting after then re-upload it.

4. Here is the reference URL for  disabling the SharePoint 2013


  • Here is the easiest way to resolve this issue in order to disable duplicate detection, in our Search Center go to Edit Page->Edit Search Results Web Part->Change Query.
  • Now we need to go to "Settings" tab in the Query Builder , over there we need to find "Remove duplicates" and “Don't remove duplicates" options. 
  • It's has been made easier now versus having to export and mess with webpart contents.


  • Another way to resolve this issue in SharePoint 2013 is that simply we need to just open the web part and Edit the Query. 
  • Inside the Settings tab there is an option to disable duplicate trimming. No need to export the web part.


Here we can give the reference URL for disabling the TrimDuplicates in SharePoint 2013

Fixes are applicable to the following versions of SharePoint:

  • SharePoint 2013 Hyperlink 
  • SharePoint 2013 Trim Duplicates
  • Duplicate Trimming in SharePoint 2013
  • Duplicate search results share point 2010

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