Cant switch user in Visual Studio 2013

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When I attempt to connect different switch user in Visual Studio this error (Can't switch user in Visual Studio 2013) will occur.


  • Initially when we are trying to login we were unable to establish the connection because of the reason that it has been configured for the user [my Personal Account] but when we attempt to connect using user [My Work Account] @wikitechy. com
  • When we are trying to connect as a different user we need to perform a switch user operation. 
  • In order to connect with the configured identity just attempt the last operation again.
  • Over here we were trying to attempt to reset the devenv (devenv /resetuserdata) using the developer console and removing my old credentials from the credential manager Windows).


Can't switch user in Visual Studio 2013

Fix 1:

Here is the fix which we have resolved for this problem by deleting the registry key under the path (Note: go to Run & type “regedit” to delete this path as shown below)


Fix 2:

Here we have the other fix to resolve this issue (Can't switch user in Visual Studio 2013)

1. First we need to Close Visual Studio

2. After that we need to Start the Developer Command prompt which will be installed with the Visual Studio as an administrator.

3. Proceeding further , we need to type 'devenv /resetuserdata' ('wdexpress /resetuserdata' for Express SKUs)

4. Now, Start Visual Studio Normally.

Fix 3:

  • In the “Account Settings”, we can fix this issue in one such way by clicking on our name in the upper right corner thereby then clicking on "Account settings". 
  • After doing this, we will get an option to sign out of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). 
  • Proceeding further, once signed out we can sign back in as another Microsoft account.

Fix 4:

  • There was the other fix which has been worked.
  • First go to Team explorer in VS2013.
  • Under 'connect' we'll see a link saying 'select team projects'. 
  • Click this and a window will open asking us to select the project but in the bottom left corner of this window there is a (switch user) link, just click this and use your new id. 
  • Simply it works.

Fix 5:

We can also resolve by able to fix this by signing in and putting my product key in and then signing out and then logging in under my new login.

Fixes are applicable to the following versions of Visual Studio:

  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Visual Studio 2010

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