[Fix]-ORA-00911 invalid character xsql error

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ORA-00911 invalid character xsql error


SQL query is used in the xsql file as shown below:

My sample.xsql:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<page connection="labor" xmlns:xsql="urn:oracle-xsql">
SELECT id, name, dept, project_name FROM wikitechyEmp JOIN wikitechyProject ON wikitechyEmp.Id = wikitechyProject.id	


ORA-00911: invalid character error occurs but the same query works well directly on the database.

Fix 1:

This error may occur when the query is typed and pasted from an editor that contains non-printable characters. Hence delete the query and re-type the same directly in the xsql file.

Fix 2:

Sometime there are chances that a special character appears in SQL WHERE clause and the value is not present within the single quotations. Hence the parse the query once to remove or handle special characters.

Fix 3:

The special character other than $, _, and # may be in use with column name. Ensure that such column names are enclosed in double quotations. 


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